Honours Board

Every year we have an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our girls. We honour the county players, the outstanding performances and all the players who represent Bushy Park Girls on the cricket pitch.

County Players
Hertfordshire CCC – Paige Goodwin (U15)
Middlesex CCC – Rosie Davis (U11), Erin Goodwin (U13), Abigail Avery (U15), Amelie Munday (U15), Jessamy Low (U15), Molly Bartlett (U15), Lauren Avery (Women’s)
Surrey CCC – Eve Abbott (U13), Emma Sloan (U15), Bronnie Polley

Spirit of Cricket Award – Abigail Avery (U13)
Emily Lyon Award – Ruby Wilkinson (U13)
County Players (Middlesex CCC) – Bronnie Polley (2nd XI), Lauren Avery (Surrey Allstars, Middlesex 2nd XI and MCCC U15), Ellie Lord (U15), Ella Waldron (U15), Amelie Munday (U15), Pubudika Punchihewa (U15),  Abigail Avery (U13), Imogen Higgins (U13), Paige Goodwin (U13), Jessamy Low (U13), Erin Goodwin (U11) and Rosie Davis (U11)

Under 11
Player’s player – Jessica Spencer
Manager’s award – Claudie Dexter
Most improved player – Ananya Apte

Under 13
Player’s player – Jessamy Low
Manager’s award – Imogen Higgins
Most improved player – Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha

Under 15
Player’s player – Mille MacEacharn
Manager’s award – Pubudika Punchihewa
Most improved player – Priya Chana

Spirit of cricket award – Jessamy Low
County Players – Bronnie Polley (U15), Lauren Avery (U15), Roxy Mather (U15), Ellie Lord (U15), Amee Vadgama (u15), Ella Waldron (U13), Amelie Munday (U13), Abigail Avery (U13), Erin Goodwin (U11), Eve Abbott (U11) and Imogen Higgins (U11)

Under 11
Player’s player – Erin Goodwin
Manager’s award – Ruby Oakley
Most improved player – Hope Jones

Under 13
Player’s player – Jessamy Low
Manager’s award – Ella Waldron
Most improved player – Amelie Munday

Under 15
Player’s player – Becs Johnson
Manager’s award – Mille MacEacharn
Most improved player – Cerys Tudor Owen


Spirit of cricket award – Lauren Avery
County Players – Bronnie Polley (U15), Lauren Avery (U13), Roxy Mather (U13), Ellie Lord (U13), Ella Waldron (U13), Abigail Avery (U11) and Jessamy Low (U11)

Under 11
Player’s player – Abigail Avery
Manager’s award – Molly Bartlett
Most improved player – Amy Coppin

Under 13
Player’s player – Millie Maceacharn
Manager’s award – Amelie Munday
Most improved player – Sadie Day

Under 15
Player’s player – Lucy Barton
Manager’s award – Bronwyn Polley
Most improved player – Amee Vadgama