BPG CC Officers & Managers

President – Natalie Raja

Co-Chairs – Mark Avery (07849 680538) and Shelley Sheridan

Finance Officer – Shelley Sheridan

Membership Secretary – Katerina Tanti (bushyparkgirls@gmail.com)

Safeguarding Officers – Jacqs MacEacharn (07870 633 705) and Rahul Apte

Team Managers and Leagues

Bushy Park Girls CC plays in Surrey and Middlesex leagues. In some instances girls are permitted to play in boys’ leagues aged a year younger. Squads, leagues and managers for the 2022 season are as follows:

Under 9s – Matt Warner

U8 Boys’ Development Softball (Surrey)

Under 11s – Matt Dumbrell & Mike Sheridan

U11 Girls’ Softball (Middlesex)

U11 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

U10 Boys’ Development Hardball (Middlesex)

Under 13s – Matt Warner & Ali Crowe

U13 Girls’ Softball (Middlesex)

U13 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

Under 15s – Tim Slater, Emma Slater, Frank Davis & Keith Bush

U14 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey Tier 2)

U15 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

U15 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey)

Under 17s – Frank Davis

U17s Girls’ Youth Cup (Middlesex)

Under 19s – Dawn Goodwin

U19 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey)

Womens’ – Mark Avery

Womens’ T20 League (Middlesex)