BPG CC Officers & Managers

President – Natalie Raja

Co-Chairs – Mark Avery (07849 680538) and Shelley Sheridan

Finance Officer – Shelley Sheridan

Membership Secretary – Katerina Tanti (bushyparkgirls@gmail.com)

Safeguarding Officers – Rahul Apte

Team Managers and Leagues

Bushy Park Girls CC plays in Surrey and Middlesex leagues. In some instances girls are permitted to play in boys’ leagues aged a year younger. Squads, leagues and managers for the 2022 season are as follows:

Under 9s – Matt Warner

U8 Boys’ Development Softball (Surrey)

Under 11s – Matt Dumbrell & Mike Sheridan

U11 Girls’ Softball (Middlesex)

U11 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

U10 Boys’ Development Hardball (Middlesex)

Under 13s – Matt Warner & Ali Crowe

U13 Girls’ Softball (Middlesex)

U13 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

Under 15s – Tim Slater, Emma Slater, Frank Davis & Keith Bush

U14 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey Tier 2)

U15 Girls’ Hardball (Middlesex)

U15 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey)

Under 17s – Frank Davis

U17s Girls’ Youth Cup (Middlesex)

Under 19s – Dawn Goodwin

U19 Girls’ Hardball (Surrey)

Womens’ – Mark Avery

Womens’ T20 League (Middlesex)