BPG Hot Streak Ends in a Blaze of Glory

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_3_50%The top two teams in the MCA South U12 Boys League finished their season with an all out Battle Royale at Teddington CC last night (09/07/2018). Richmond had already won the league but Bushy Park Girls weren’t going to be snuffed out without a few fireworks of their own. As another day of high temperatures ebbed away the heat burned strongly in the batting blades of both teams. It was Richmond who ran out worthy winners, largely due to a brilliant century from their No.5 batsmen.

Bushy Park Girls won the toss and chose to field. Jess Low (3overs/2wickets/24runs) and Paige Goodwin (2o/1maiden/16r) opened the bowling knowing that Richmond have been the only team to beat them this year. Both had exceptional second overs, Low striking first, dispatching Richmond’s No.1 and No.3 batsmen in the space of 3 balls. Goodwin (P) cast aside her nerves and bowled a beautiful maiden to back up her partner. Simrat Khaira (2o/8r), Eve Abbott (4o/1m/2w/32r) and Molly Bartlett (2o/10r) kept the pressure on. Khaira is one of the emerging players this season, no U15 cricketer has bowled more overs than her. It was wonderful to see Eve Abbott back in bowling action after a difficult season with injury. She started with a fast and straight maiden over. In Abbott’s second over Imogen Higgins displayed her fielding prowess. A lightning throw from the boundary hitting the wicket with a direct hit. By the end of the 9th over Richmond were 69 for 3.

Richmond came out fighting like the league champions they are. Bushy Park Girls fought hard in the remaining overs but there was little they could do to contain Richmond’s Thomas Tabor at No.5. He hit six Sixes and twelves Fours in his innings of 106*. The girls had never come up against a batsmen of his calibre or confidence before yet they kept plugging away. Edie Proud (1o/24r), Imogen Higgins (2o/23r), Emily Bryce (2o/24r) and Erin Goodwin (2o/25r) all threw themselves into the breach, and they can all hold their heads high. Abbott came on for a second spell, momentarily halting the progress of Richmond by bowling two batters in her third over. Yet nothing could halt the Richmond juggernaut and they reached 203 for 5 in 20 overs. As always a special mention to wicketkeeper D’Cunha who kept brilliantly with a cool head under intense pressure.

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_50%With such a daunting target to reach Bushy Park Girls would have to attack every ball as they opened their innings. There was no point in bowing out on a whimper, it’s just not the girls’ style. Captain Molly Bartlett opened the batting with Paige Goodwin, and they took the fight to Richmond. Bartlett sweetly carved the first ball to the boundary but the do or die attitude took its toll in the second over. Bartlett was first to go followed by an attacking Goodwin (P). Edie Proud and Jess Low came together and quickly fought back against their opponents. Low’s innings was bristling with aggression and strength. She dispatched two enormous sixes that rocketed into the dying light of the evening sky. Boundaries were coming thick and fast as she put Richmond to the sword. Eventually Low’s innings of 32 runs from 15 balls ended as she picked out the fielder at Square Leg.

Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha and Amy Coppin took up the baton from Proud and Low. Both striking the ball hard and fast to the boundary. D’Cunha hit a sparkling 15 in just two overs at the crease. Simrat Khaira pushed for those extra runs to keep up with the scoring rate but fell valiantly in the 10th over. Bushy Park Girls had to dig in now, and the rearguard action of Imogen Higgins (16) and Erin Goodwin (24) brought some stability. Together they pushed the BPG total beyond the 100 mark, both played well against an accurate and hungry Richmond attack. All the girls were unselfish in their approach, playing for the team and keeping in good cheer as their target stretched out of reach. The handy Emily Bryce came in at the end to flash a quickfire 6* and together with Eve Abbott they reached 126 all out (19.5 overs).

Both Richmond and Bushy Park Girls served up champagne cricket for their supporters. BPG’s total was some distance below their visitors but was still the highest total scored against Richmond in the league this season. Richmond finished top of the league on 70 points, with Bushy Park Girls on 53 points (4 wins, 2 lost, 1 tie).

Congratulations to Richmond and batsmen Thomas Tabor on a fabulous win and the MCA South U12 Division 2 title.

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_2_50%Thank you to Ted and Alok for umpiring, for Ian and Alban for scoring. As always thanks to Dawn for managing the girls and to all the parents for supporting. The girls have been a real credit to the club and to the MCA South league, playing the game in a good spirit and with some fantastic cricket for us to savour.


Battered and Bruised BPG on Form Again

2018_06_27_vs_Hampton_Hill_win_33%It was a battered and bruised BPG that faced Hampton Hill CC last night (27/06/2018) in the scorching summer sun. After a few last-minute replacements, the girls took to the field a player short and with two players injured but determined.

Captain Paige Goodwin won the toss and elected to put the Hampton Hill boys in to bat. The ball was handed to Imogen Higgins to open the bowling – and she did with a tidy first over – but a day spent in the sun at Borough Sports meant her energy was flagging initially. Paige (3overs/10runs) took up the ball herself for the second over and conceded just two runs, before Simrat Khaira (3o/16r) was called up in the third over, also conceding just two runs in the over.

A change of bowler brought Molly Bartlett (2o/4r) and Iris Saunders (2o/15r) into the attack, but the Hampton Hill openers were starting to look comfortable in their partnership, not taking unnecessary risks and allowing the singles to tick over. Both Molly and Iris bowled accurately, but early wickets were proving elusive. Simrat was called back into the attack along with Ruby Oakley (2o/22r) to try and shake things up, but despite the run rate sitting at about 6 runs an over, the Hampton Hill openers looked like they were there to stay.

With only a few bowlers left to have a go and the run rate per over climbing with the boys’ careful batting, Emily Bryce (2o/16r) stepped up and looked close to rattling the bails on a number of occasions. Still the boys remained. Although nursing an injury and unable to execute her usual lengthy run-up, Erin Goodwin took up the ball and bowled a tidy first over. Emily then gave it another go, but the spectators started to suspect the bails were in fact glued on.

With the score at 95 and only five overs left of the innings, it was time for another bowling shake-up in a last-ditch attempt to keep the score under 100. Erin stepped up for her second over and after conceding one run, she finally hit the mark by clean-bowling the Hampton Hill opener in the 16th over. A new batsmen took to the crease, but not for long as he was caught and bowled by Erin on his first ball. The score remained on 96.

Now fully recovered, Imogen (3o/1wicket/6r) stepped up and bowled a very tight over to concede only one run. Captain Paige gave herself another over, which was very neat, but the run rate sneaked over the 100 mark. Imogen took up the attack again and was rewarded with a wicket on her second ball, caught behind by the very talented wicket-keeper Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha, then followed it up with dot balls. Erin (4o/1maiden/4wicket/6r) was given the ball for the last over and ended the innings with a double wicket maiden, clean bowling one batsman with her first ball of the over and executing another caught and bowled with the last ball of the innings. Despite the late flurry of wickets in the last four overs and the girls’ accurate and neat bowling, the boys had set a respectable target of 103.

2018_06_27_vs_Hampton_Hill_win_2_33%After not being able to bowl due to an ankle sprain, Jess Low was provided with a runner (thanks to Ruby Oakley) and stepped up to open the batting with Paige. The girls began as they meant to go on, with boundary after boundary interspersed with a single here and there. Both Jess and Paige’s run rates were high, scoring 18 in the first over alone. Paige was bowled in the 5th over, but not before she had reached 23 in a sparkling display. Jess and her runner hung in for a few more balls, but were then run out in the 6th over, with Jess on 25.

Ruby had earned herself a well-deserved rest! Kerrie-Ann and Imogen then took up the challenge and between them rattled off a few more boundaries (Imogen 14* and Kerrie-Ann 6*). Before the spectators could finish their half-time beverages, the target was reached in the 9th over and BPG had won by 8 wickets.

Post-match analysis indicates that BPG’s tight, disciplined bowling and flurry of late wickets proved effective in what was a good-natured fixture and one that we always look forward to with Hampton Hill. Many thanks to Ted and Dave for umpiring and Sandeep for scoring. A special mention to the valiant injured BPG girls for battling through and the team as a whole for always being supportive and looking out for each other.

Check out the 2018 BPG Stats HERE.

The girls have now secured 2nd place in the MCA South U12 Division 2 league.
You can view the table HERE.

Summer Solstice Shootout at the Ashford CC Corral

2018_06_21_vs_Ashford_win_4_33%On the longest day of the year (21/06/2018) Bushy Park Girls CC faced Ashford CC in an epic batting struggle at the Short Lane ground in Stanwell. It was the most perfect of evenings for batting, the light was true and golden, and the outfield lightning fast. Both teams had been reduced to 9 players each so it was a hard task for the bowlers to keep the scoring down.

Ashford batted first and faced Bushy Park Girls opening bowlers Erin Goodwin (4overs/19runs) and Simrat Khaira. Both were on excellent form, Khaira (2o/1maiden/6r) opened with a maiden over (the only of the match) and Goodwin (E) only conceded 4 runs in her first two overs. In retrospect this spell was exceptional, as the sun slowly dipped toward the horizon the batters on both sides plundered the runs. Ruby Oakley (4o/29r) and Sophia Stapleton-Parslow (3o/1wicket/22r) also kept the runs at bay in their opening salvos. Both are proving a great asset to this team. Stapleton-Parslow took the first wicket of the match, unleashing a beautiful ball that bowled Ashford’s dangerous No.2 batsmen. This was followed up in Oakley’s over with a run out from Imogen Higgins with a direct hit.

This signalled a change in attitude from Ashford CC and Bushy Park Girls’ subsequent bowlers came under a sustained attack from their opponent’s middle order. With the added pace of Higgins (2o/14r), Jess Low (2o/19r) and Paige Goodwin (3o/28r) the ball pinged to the boundary with ease. It was a dominant performance from Ashford’s No.4 Neel Bakshi, whose poise and timing was a thing of beauty, he scored a fabulous 63*. Bushy Park Girls battled hard in the field with their 9 strong team, Amy Banner fearlessly patrolling the boundary rope. Jess Low and Kerrie-Ann Dcunha combined for a fleetfooted run out in the 16th over, but Ashford were heading for a big total. Dcunha must be praised for her wicket-keeping , the ball was swinging prolifically and she saved BPG twenty or more runs with her dexterity. The BPG team left the field after 20 overs a little deflated. Captain Paige Goodwin had the unenviable task of rotating a team 2 players short but she was brave and resolute. Ashford scored an impressive 137 for 3 in their 20 overs.

2018_06_21_vs_Ashford_win_1_33%In past seasons Ashford’s total would have been overwhelming for Bushy Park Girls as they played in the MCA Boy’s league. But this team has grown in resilience and now has depth in talent and spirit. Kerrie-Ann Dcunha (10) will always go out fighting and she shot from the hip in an opening stand of 20 with opening partner Paige Goodwin. It was a captain’s innings from Goodwin (P), she was the glue that kept everything together. She scored a smart 23 before succumbing in the 12th over. Amy Banner made her debut in the boy’s league with a rapid fire 8, including a fine cut to the boundary. Facing some fiery bowling she held her own at Number 3.

Although Bushy Park Girls were keeping up to the run rate of 7 runs per over, they needed a special innings from one of their nine players. Jess Low’s knock of 51 was a 10 over affair that crackled with aggression and power. Accumulated through audacious running (and a few trademark dives) but also with some hard-hitting that raced to the boundary and beyond. Low scored her maiden half-century and had taken Bushy Park Girls to within 5 runs of victory by the time she lost her wicket. Alongside her, Simrat Khaira played a pivotal support role, running hard to push ones into twos. Imogen Higgins looked unflustered with an excellent 13*, and with partner Erin Goodwin they steered BPG over the line in the 18th over. The final runs coming with an all-run four. The longest day of 2018 will be a day to remember for Bushy Park Girls, they finished on 140 for 5. The highest total they have chased to win in the MCA Boy’s league.

A big thank you to Ashford CC for hosting us and for playing on a grass wicket, something BPG don’t often get the chance to do. Thank you to Alex for umpiring, to Ted and Alban for scoring, and to Dawn for managing. As always a big thank you to parents for making the trek through the rush-hour traffic. Well done girls!

Full BPG stats HERE.

Bustling BPG Beat Whitton’s Hat-trick Heroes

2018_06_12_vs_Chiswick_and_Whitton_win_1_33%As Bushy Park Girls entered the second half of their MCA South Boy’s League campaign they had already amassed one win, one loss, one abandonment and one tie. Last night (12/06/2018) they faced a Chiswick & Whitton Boys side who were depleted in number but strong in spirit. Bushy Park Girls won with a dominant team performance, capturing a togetherness that will sustain them in the weeks and months to come.

Bushy Park Girls won the toss and put Chiswick and Whitton CC into bat. It was a steady start for Whitton under close examination from opening bowlers Simrat Khaira and Erin Goodwin. Khaira (4overs/1maiden/13runs) relished the responsibility, with a maiden in her second over BPG Captain Abigail Avery kept her bowling until she had exhausted her 4 maximum overs. Erin Goodwin (2o/13r/1wicket) took a little time to settle but soon dished up the first wicket of match, clean bowling Whitton’s opening batsmen. First change bowlers Edie Proud (2o/17r) and Iris Saunders kept up the pressure on their opponents, Proud’s first over yielding only 3 runs. As Whitton reached the 9th over they looked comfortable at 48 for 1, on course for a good total.

Molly Bartlett (2o/1m/7r/2w) accompanied Saunders (2o/5r/1w) in attack and immediately they struck at the heart of the Whitton middle order. Bartlett’s first ball lifted the umpire’s finger with a LBW shout. Her third ball induced a big hit that Imogen Higgins caught well at Mid-Off. Not to be outdone Saunders took a smart caught and bowled chance and Whitton were teetering at 49 for 4 in the 11th over. It has been a stuttering start to the season for Ruby Wilkinson, but here she really got in her stride. The stylish Wilkinson was on good form, her first over induced an edge which was ably taken by Kerrie-Ann Dcunha behind the stumps. It was a near exemplary performance from the BPG keeper, a joy to behold for the purists. Wilkinson (2o/1m/3r/2w) wasn’t done there and took a second wicket with her final ball. Welcome back Ruby.

With Whitton on 61 for 6 in 15 overs there was still time for a fightback but Imogen Higgins, Jess Low and Paige Goodwin had other things on their mind. This terrifying triumvirate outmuscled the Whitton tail in a destructive display of death-bowling. Higgins (2o/4r/1w) got a well deserved wicket when Simrat Khaira snaffled a good catch, while Paige Goodwin (1o/4r) cramped the batsmen with her speed and purpose. Low (2o/1m/1r/2w) was a Titan of destruction, blowing away the final two batsmen with her slinging thunderbolts, the bails on both occasion being catapulted into the air as the stumps were demolished. Whitton finished their innings on 68 for 9 in the 19th over.

2018_06_12_vs_Chiswick_and_Whitton_win_2_33%Molly Bartlett is in somewhat of a purple patch, and her recent maiden 50 has propelled her to the top of the Bushy Park Girls’ rankings, once again she was imperious. Carrying her bat through the BPG innings and finishing just four shy of another half-century. She opened alongside a new partner Iris Saunders who wasn’t going to play second fiddle to Bartlett’s classy strokes. Saunders hit a belligerent 17 before being bowled in the 6th over. This sparked a collapse in the BPG ranks. Credit should go to Chiswick & Whitton’s young firecracker Ellis Madle, whose first ball accounted for Saunders. His second saw off Edie Proud and third Paige Goodwin. An excellent hat-trick, all clean bowled.

Bartlett dug in with new batswoman Ruby Wilkinson and together they steadied the ship. With Whitton being 2 men down the Bushy Park Girls exploited the gaps in the field. Wilkinson scoring a fighting 4 not out and Bartlett finishing on 46 not out. She has now reached a total of 180 runs this season, and her batting average is currently 45. Whitton’s bowling was strong but Bushy Park Girls reached their total of 70 for 3 in the 10th over.

It was real team performance and the girls were in boisterous spirits, clearly enjoying playing together. A special mention to BPG captain Abigail Avery who bowled all the other girls in the side yet didn’t bowl herself. She didn’t even take up the bat in anger, offering the opportunity to other girls. A selfless act of a fine captain.

Well done to all the girls, and thank you to Chiswick and Whitton boys for an entertaining and hard fought game. Thank you to Ted and Anthony for umpiring, to Deepa and Alban for scoring. Also to Dawn for managing and Billy for the girls’ warm up.

Check out the BPG Stats HERE.



Fighting BPG in Royal Parks Battle

2018_06_05_vs_Richmond_U12Boys_lost_1_33%The Battle of the Parks pitted the mighty Richmond against the diminutive Bushy last night at the Newman Cricket Ground (05/06/2018). Richmond Boys B team top the U12 Division 2 table but Bushy Park Girls are no pushovers, fighting tooth and nail to secure a vital win in the league. It was Richmond who powered through in the 19th over to secure the win and take the Royal Park title back to their leafy hunting ground.

Richmond won the toss and put Bushy Park Girls U14 side into bat. Emily Bryce (22) and Erin Goodwin (7) opened the batting. Both played well and put on a very respectable 32 runs in the first 5 overs. Bryce in particular caught the eye with some flourishing strokes, hitting four boundaries in her total of 22 (the highest score in the match). Goodwin (E) fell first LBW and Bryce followed soon after in the 7th over. Captain Abigail Avery gave the crowd a brief glimpse of her brilliance as Richmond fought back. The middle ten overs (from 5 to 15) yielded only 28 runs as the bowlers put the squeeze on. Imogen Higgins (5) and Simrat Khaira faced the brunt of this attack but bravely dug in.

Molly Bartlett (15) likes a little pace to score her trademark elegant cuts and glances, and Richmond were bustling in with purpose. Alongside Lizzie Eakins they took the fight to their opponents, with Eakins scoring a hard hitting 10 in just 5 balls. It was a hostile environment to make a debut but Izzy Morton was completely unfazed. Beside her more experienced partners she scored a bright 9 runs and looked very much part of the team. There was just enough time for a Jess Low dive as she hustled for runs at the end with Kerrie-Ann Dcunha. Together they pushed the Bushy Park Girls total to 91 for 8 in 20 overs.

With some variable bounce from the Newman astro turf wicket Bushy Park Girls still had a chance for victory. Paige Goodwin (3 overs/13 runs) opened with a fine over and immediately put the pressure on the very capable Richmond batsmen. Low (2o/17runs/1wicket) followed up with a wicket from her second ball. A spicy delivery that nicked the glove and was expertly taken my wicketkeeper Dcunha, just centimetres above the ground. Eakins (2o/11r/1w) also got a wicket with her second ball, Higgins taking a running catch at Extra Cover. Not to be outdone Bartlett (2o/15r/1w) got in on the second ball act with an excellent LBW. Despite the loss of  wickets Richmond were cruising to the victory at 50 for 3 in just 7 overs.

Bushy Park Girls fought back, the team coming together, determined to make Richmond scrap for the win. Low ran out their dangerous No.4 batsman with a direct hit from Midwicket, the young man temporary losing his composure in disbelief. Next it was the turn of Emily Bryce (2o/4r) and Izzy Morton (2o/4r), bowling in tandem they produced an accurate and economical spell that started to sow the seeds of doubt in the Richmond batter’s minds. Abigail Avery (3o/1maiden/9r/2w) started her bowling with a maiden and finished with 2 wickets, both clean bowled. Unfortunately the match just ebbed away from Bushy Park Girls. Despite some last ditch efforts from Higgins (2o/13r) and Goodwin (E) (1o/2r) Richmond edged past the BPG total at the end of the 19th over. Congratulations to Richmond Boys on a good win, particularly the bowling which is the best we’ve seen in the league.

Thank you to Ian and Ted for umpiring, to Lara and Alban for scoring and for the help from parents (and brothers) in warming up the girls.

Check out the Full BPG Stats HERE.




BPG thrill in Hampton Hill tie

2018_05_15_vs_Hampton_Hill_tied_1aHampton Hill CC and Bushy Park Girls CC have played out some memorable matches over the past two seasons. Last night (15/05/2018) was no exception when Bushy Park Girls snatched a tie from the jaws of defeat. Hampton Hill are one of BPG’s brother clubs and like a sibling we admire their qualities (of fairness and inclusivity) but we also revel in the challenges that they set before us.

Hampton Hill won the toss and chose to field. Bushy Park Girls’ opener Molly Bartlett set the tone of her innings by hitting the first ball of the match for a four. Conditions were perfect for cricket and particularly batting, over the next hour or so Bartlett treated the sunset crowd to a fine display of boundaries. Accompanied by Paige Goodwin they built a partnership that wouldn’t be broken until the 19th over of the innings. Bartlett finally succumbed on 57, scoring a first half-century that surely wont be her last. Goodwin’s contribution shouldn’t be underestimated. Her total of 34* was accumulated without hitting the boundary rope once, it was an innings of hard graft in contrast to Bartlett’s champagne cricket. A perfect combination.

After waiting 19 overs to bat Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha came in for the last over and selflessly sacrificed her wicket in pursuit of runs. Iris Saunders helped the ever present Goodwin (P) to push the final BPG total to 114 for 2 (in 20 overs).

With Bartlett exhausted after her epic innings Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha was thrust into wicket-keeping duties as Hampton Hill came out to bat. What a fabulous team player to have at your disposal, and she was kept busy with a number of run out chances that just failed to lift the umpires’ finger. The Hampton Hill openers were in fine form too (scoring 45 and 43) but the Bushy Park Girls stuck to their task well. Throughout the team it was one of the best performances in terms of extras conceded.

Opening bowlers Erin Goodwin (2 overs/7 runs/0 wickets) and Jess low (2o/8r/0w) were ever reliable figureheads for Bushy Park Girls. Their younger team mates Ruby Oakley (2o/15r/0w) and Sophia Stapleton-Parslow (2o/17r/0w) were a little disrupted when a football was continually kicked onto the pitch by some inebriated young men. Hampton Hill’s batsmen employed perfect drop and run tactics, easing singles amongst a handful of boundaries. However hard BPG tried in the field they couldn’t break the opening partnership. Imogen Higgins (3o/13r/2w) was the magic ingredient and in the 15th over she teased an edge into wicketkeeper D’Cunha’s safe hands. Emily Bryce (2o/16r/0w) bamboozled the new batsmen with her crafty left arm bowling. In her second over Bartlett engineered a run out, leaving Hampton Hill on 97 for 2 at the end of the 16th over.

After her epic batting performance Paige Goodwin (1o/4r/0w) lifted tired legs to keep the pressure on the new Hampton Hill batsmen. The game was interrupted once again by drunken behaviour from the sidelines (not by parents!) and the umpires stepped in to calm the situation, and confiscate an errant football. Iris Saunders (3o/14r/0w) and Simrat Khaira (3o/20r/0w) were unfazed and kept up an excellent line and length in the final overs. Both should be praised for the way they responded to the pressure. With Hampton Hill needing just 3 runs to win BPG captain Jess Low chose Higgins to bring the game to a conclusion. With two singles eked out in the first 5 deliveries it came down to the last ball of the match. Hampton Hill needed 1 run for the win. Higgins had no room for error and her final ball smacked the stumps! A tie was a fitting end to a fantastic match, played in a great spirit. Hampton Hill finished on 114 for 3 (20 overs).

2018_05_15_vs_Hampton_Hill_tied_2Thank you to Dave and Alex for umpiring (and crowd control) and to Adam, Jonathan, Ryan and Alban for scoring. And to Dawn for managing the girls once again. We always enjoy our matches against Hampton Hill, and the boys always host us with great respect.

View the full BPG stats HERE.

Batting masterclass in Ashford tussle

2018_05_09_vs_Ashford_U12L_win_1_33%After early season washouts Ashford CC and Bushy Park Girls got their U12 league campaign underway last night (09/05/2018) at Teddington CC. It was a night for the batters as Ashford CC posted a fine total and Bushy Park Girls chased it down in the dwindling Spring light.

Captain Paige Goodwin won the toss for Bushy Park Girls and chose to bowl/field. It was a solid start for Ashford whose openers built strong foundations and took advantage in the dying overs with some flourishing strokes. The Bushy Park bowlers were also in good form, from the first to last over. Erin Goodwin (2 overs/1 maiden/1 run/0 wickets) and Jess Low (2o/1m/5r/0w) both bowled maidens in their opening overs. They were reinforced by both Ruby Oakley (2o/0m/2r/0w) and Evie Davies (2o/0m/7r/0w) who continued to squeeze their opponents. With 8 overs bowled Ashford had crept to 25 for 0.

As the innings neared the halfway mark Ashford began to take more risks. Edie Proud (2o/0m/20r/0w) bravely attempted to pin down the batsmen while Imogen Higgins (3o/0m/14r/2w) drew first blood with a double wicket spell. Despite Higgin’s removal of Ashford’s No.1 and No.3, the visitors began to stretch away. Paige Goodwin (3o/0m/21r/0w) valiantly threw herself into the breach, her first over was a lesson in line and length. Evie Mayhew (2o/0m/17r/0w) had a tricky start but responded with courage and resilience, her second over relinquishing only 2 runs. Bushy Park Girls played their final hand with the excellent Eve Abbott (2o/0m/8r/0w), who has gained strength and purpose after training with Surrey CC this winter. A special mention must go to Ashford’s Udey Jolly who built one of the best innings we’ve ever seen, his score of 51 was one for the purists. Ashford’s innings was brought to an end on 113 for 3 with a run-out by Goodwin (P).

It was a quick turnaround for BPG keeper Molly Bartlett as she strode out to open the batting alongside Goodwin (P). This has been a defining year for Bartlett as she debuts for Middlesex CC in 2018. Her innings was one of her best, combining some elegant stroke play with a handful of boundaries in her score of 26. Goodwin (P) was an ever reliable partner, and her handy 14 was accumulated in singles and twos. Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha announced her arrival with some bludgeoning fours, her 14 was scored in record time. Low and Abbott brought the Bushy Park Girls to within touching distance of Ashford’s impressive total. Abbott’s steady 6* supported a belligerent Low. She flashed past the Ashford total with a final four, finishing on 22 not out. Bushy Park Girls finished on 116 for 3, securing the win in the 15th over.

Thank you to Ashford for coming over through the rush hour traffic and to playing the game in a wonderful spirit. We wish you all best in the season ahead. Thank you to Andy and Ted for umpiring, Kush and Alban for scoring.

View the full BPG stats HERE.