BPG Hot Streak Ends in a Blaze of Glory

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_3_50%The top two teams in the MCA South U12 Boys League finished their season with an all out Battle Royale at Teddington CC last night (09/07/2018). Richmond had already won the league but Bushy Park Girls weren’t going to be snuffed out without a few fireworks of their own. As another day of high temperatures ebbed away the heat burned strongly in the batting blades of both teams. It was Richmond who ran out worthy winners, largely due to a brilliant century from their No.5 batsmen.

Bushy Park Girls won the toss and chose to field. Jess Low (3overs/2wickets/24runs) and Paige Goodwin (2o/1maiden/16r) opened the bowling knowing that Richmond have been the only team to beat them this year. Both had exceptional second overs, Low striking first, dispatching Richmond’s No.1 and No.3 batsmen in the space of 3 balls. Goodwin (P) cast aside her nerves and bowled a beautiful maiden to back up her partner. Simrat Khaira (2o/8r), Eve Abbott (4o/1m/2w/32r) and Molly Bartlett (2o/10r) kept the pressure on. Khaira is one of the emerging players this season, no U15 cricketer has bowled more overs than her. It was wonderful to see Eve Abbott back in bowling action after a difficult season with injury. She started with a fast and straight maiden over. In Abbott’s second over Imogen Higgins displayed her fielding prowess. A lightning throw from the boundary hitting the wicket with a direct hit. By the end of the 9th over Richmond were 69 for 3.

Richmond came out fighting like the league champions they are. Bushy Park Girls fought hard in the remaining overs but there was little they could do to contain Richmond’s Thomas Tabor at No.5. He hit six Sixes and twelves Fours in his innings of 106*. The girls had never come up against a batsmen of his calibre or confidence before yet they kept plugging away. Edie Proud (1o/24r), Imogen Higgins (2o/23r), Emily Bryce (2o/24r) and Erin Goodwin (2o/25r) all threw themselves into the breach, and they can all hold their heads high. Abbott came on for a second spell, momentarily halting the progress of Richmond by bowling two batters in her third over. Yet nothing could halt the Richmond juggernaut and they reached 203 for 5 in 20 overs. As always a special mention to wicketkeeper D’Cunha who kept brilliantly with a cool head under intense pressure.

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_50%With such a daunting target to reach Bushy Park Girls would have to attack every ball as they opened their innings. There was no point in bowing out on a whimper, it’s just not the girls’ style. Captain Molly Bartlett opened the batting with Paige Goodwin, and they took the fight to Richmond. Bartlett sweetly carved the first ball to the boundary but the do or die attitude took its toll in the second over. Bartlett was first to go followed by an attacking Goodwin (P). Edie Proud and Jess Low came together and quickly fought back against their opponents. Low’s innings was bristling with aggression and strength. She dispatched two enormous sixes that rocketed into the dying light of the evening sky. Boundaries were coming thick and fast as she put Richmond to the sword. Eventually Low’s innings of 32 runs from 15 balls ended as she picked out the fielder at Square Leg.

Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha and Amy Coppin took up the baton from Proud and Low. Both striking the ball hard and fast to the boundary. D’Cunha hit a sparkling 15 in just two overs at the crease. Simrat Khaira pushed for those extra runs to keep up with the scoring rate but fell valiantly in the 10th over. Bushy Park Girls had to dig in now, and the rearguard action of Imogen Higgins (16) and Erin Goodwin (24) brought some stability. Together they pushed the BPG total beyond the 100 mark, both played well against an accurate and hungry Richmond attack. All the girls were unselfish in their approach, playing for the team and keeping in good cheer as their target stretched out of reach. The handy Emily Bryce came in at the end to flash a quickfire 6* and together with Eve Abbott they reached 126 all out (19.5 overs).

Both Richmond and Bushy Park Girls served up champagne cricket for their supporters. BPG’s total was some distance below their visitors but was still the highest total scored against Richmond in the league this season. Richmond finished top of the league on 70 points, with Bushy Park Girls on 53 points (4 wins, 2 lost, 1 tie).

Congratulations to Richmond and batsmen Thomas Tabor on a fabulous win and the MCA South U12 Division 2 title.

2018_09_07_Richmond_BPGU14s_lost_2_50%Thank you to Ted and Alok for umpiring, for Ian and Alban for scoring. As always thanks to Dawn for managing the girls and to all the parents for supporting. The girls have been a real credit to the club and to the MCA South league, playing the game in a good spirit and with some fantastic cricket for us to savour.


Battered and Bruised BPG on Form Again

2018_06_27_vs_Hampton_Hill_win_33%It was a battered and bruised BPG that faced Hampton Hill CC last night (27/06/2018) in the scorching summer sun. After a few last-minute replacements, the girls took to the field a player short and with two players injured but determined.

Captain Paige Goodwin won the toss and elected to put the Hampton Hill boys in to bat. The ball was handed to Imogen Higgins to open the bowling – and she did with a tidy first over – but a day spent in the sun at Borough Sports meant her energy was flagging initially. Paige (3overs/10runs) took up the ball herself for the second over and conceded just two runs, before Simrat Khaira (3o/16r) was called up in the third over, also conceding just two runs in the over.

A change of bowler brought Molly Bartlett (2o/4r) and Iris Saunders (2o/15r) into the attack, but the Hampton Hill openers were starting to look comfortable in their partnership, not taking unnecessary risks and allowing the singles to tick over. Both Molly and Iris bowled accurately, but early wickets were proving elusive. Simrat was called back into the attack along with Ruby Oakley (2o/22r) to try and shake things up, but despite the run rate sitting at about 6 runs an over, the Hampton Hill openers looked like they were there to stay.

With only a few bowlers left to have a go and the run rate per over climbing with the boys’ careful batting, Emily Bryce (2o/16r) stepped up and looked close to rattling the bails on a number of occasions. Still the boys remained. Although nursing an injury and unable to execute her usual lengthy run-up, Erin Goodwin took up the ball and bowled a tidy first over. Emily then gave it another go, but the spectators started to suspect the bails were in fact glued on.

With the score at 95 and only five overs left of the innings, it was time for another bowling shake-up in a last-ditch attempt to keep the score under 100. Erin stepped up for her second over and after conceding one run, she finally hit the mark by clean-bowling the Hampton Hill opener in the 16th over. A new batsmen took to the crease, but not for long as he was caught and bowled by Erin on his first ball. The score remained on 96.

Now fully recovered, Imogen (3o/1wicket/6r) stepped up and bowled a very tight over to concede only one run. Captain Paige gave herself another over, which was very neat, but the run rate sneaked over the 100 mark. Imogen took up the attack again and was rewarded with a wicket on her second ball, caught behind by the very talented wicket-keeper Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha, then followed it up with dot balls. Erin (4o/1maiden/4wicket/6r) was given the ball for the last over and ended the innings with a double wicket maiden, clean bowling one batsman with her first ball of the over and executing another caught and bowled with the last ball of the innings. Despite the late flurry of wickets in the last four overs and the girls’ accurate and neat bowling, the boys had set a respectable target of 103.

2018_06_27_vs_Hampton_Hill_win_2_33%After not being able to bowl due to an ankle sprain, Jess Low was provided with a runner (thanks to Ruby Oakley) and stepped up to open the batting with Paige. The girls began as they meant to go on, with boundary after boundary interspersed with a single here and there. Both Jess and Paige’s run rates were high, scoring 18 in the first over alone. Paige was bowled in the 5th over, but not before she had reached 23 in a sparkling display. Jess and her runner hung in for a few more balls, but were then run out in the 6th over, with Jess on 25.

Ruby had earned herself a well-deserved rest! Kerrie-Ann and Imogen then took up the challenge and between them rattled off a few more boundaries (Imogen 14* and Kerrie-Ann 6*). Before the spectators could finish their half-time beverages, the target was reached in the 9th over and BPG had won by 8 wickets.

Post-match analysis indicates that BPG’s tight, disciplined bowling and flurry of late wickets proved effective in what was a good-natured fixture and one that we always look forward to with Hampton Hill. Many thanks to Ted and Dave for umpiring and Sandeep for scoring. A special mention to the valiant injured BPG girls for battling through and the team as a whole for always being supportive and looking out for each other.

Check out the 2018 BPG Stats HERE.

The girls have now secured 2nd place in the MCA South U12 Division 2 league.
You can view the table HERE.

Bustling BPG Beat Whitton’s Hat-trick Heroes

2018_06_12_vs_Chiswick_and_Whitton_win_1_33%As Bushy Park Girls entered the second half of their MCA South Boy’s League campaign they had already amassed one win, one loss, one abandonment and one tie. Last night (12/06/2018) they faced a Chiswick & Whitton Boys side who were depleted in number but strong in spirit. Bushy Park Girls won with a dominant team performance, capturing a togetherness that will sustain them in the weeks and months to come.

Bushy Park Girls won the toss and put Chiswick and Whitton CC into bat. It was a steady start for Whitton under close examination from opening bowlers Simrat Khaira and Erin Goodwin. Khaira (4overs/1maiden/13runs) relished the responsibility, with a maiden in her second over BPG Captain Abigail Avery kept her bowling until she had exhausted her 4 maximum overs. Erin Goodwin (2o/13r/1wicket) took a little time to settle but soon dished up the first wicket of match, clean bowling Whitton’s opening batsmen. First change bowlers Edie Proud (2o/17r) and Iris Saunders kept up the pressure on their opponents, Proud’s first over yielding only 3 runs. As Whitton reached the 9th over they looked comfortable at 48 for 1, on course for a good total.

Molly Bartlett (2o/1m/7r/2w) accompanied Saunders (2o/5r/1w) in attack and immediately they struck at the heart of the Whitton middle order. Bartlett’s first ball lifted the umpire’s finger with a LBW shout. Her third ball induced a big hit that Imogen Higgins caught well at Mid-Off. Not to be outdone Saunders took a smart caught and bowled chance and Whitton were teetering at 49 for 4 in the 11th over. It has been a stuttering start to the season for Ruby Wilkinson, but here she really got in her stride. The stylish Wilkinson was on good form, her first over induced an edge which was ably taken by Kerrie-Ann Dcunha behind the stumps. It was a near exemplary performance from the BPG keeper, a joy to behold for the purists. Wilkinson (2o/1m/3r/2w) wasn’t done there and took a second wicket with her final ball. Welcome back Ruby.

With Whitton on 61 for 6 in 15 overs there was still time for a fightback but Imogen Higgins, Jess Low and Paige Goodwin had other things on their mind. This terrifying triumvirate outmuscled the Whitton tail in a destructive display of death-bowling. Higgins (2o/4r/1w) got a well deserved wicket when Simrat Khaira snaffled a good catch, while Paige Goodwin (1o/4r) cramped the batsmen with her speed and purpose. Low (2o/1m/1r/2w) was a Titan of destruction, blowing away the final two batsmen with her slinging thunderbolts, the bails on both occasion being catapulted into the air as the stumps were demolished. Whitton finished their innings on 68 for 9 in the 19th over.

2018_06_12_vs_Chiswick_and_Whitton_win_2_33%Molly Bartlett is in somewhat of a purple patch, and her recent maiden 50 has propelled her to the top of the Bushy Park Girls’ rankings, once again she was imperious. Carrying her bat through the BPG innings and finishing just four shy of another half-century. She opened alongside a new partner Iris Saunders who wasn’t going to play second fiddle to Bartlett’s classy strokes. Saunders hit a belligerent 17 before being bowled in the 6th over. This sparked a collapse in the BPG ranks. Credit should go to Chiswick & Whitton’s young firecracker Ellis Madle, whose first ball accounted for Saunders. His second saw off Edie Proud and third Paige Goodwin. An excellent hat-trick, all clean bowled.

Bartlett dug in with new batswoman Ruby Wilkinson and together they steadied the ship. With Whitton being 2 men down the Bushy Park Girls exploited the gaps in the field. Wilkinson scoring a fighting 4 not out and Bartlett finishing on 46 not out. She has now reached a total of 180 runs this season, and her batting average is currently 45. Whitton’s bowling was strong but Bushy Park Girls reached their total of 70 for 3 in the 10th over.

It was real team performance and the girls were in boisterous spirits, clearly enjoying playing together. A special mention to BPG captain Abigail Avery who bowled all the other girls in the side yet didn’t bowl herself. She didn’t even take up the bat in anger, offering the opportunity to other girls. A selfless act of a fine captain.

Well done to all the girls, and thank you to Chiswick and Whitton boys for an entertaining and hard fought game. Thank you to Ted and Anthony for umpiring, to Deepa and Alban for scoring. Also to Dawn for managing and Billy for the girls’ warm up.

Check out the BPG Stats HERE.



Ealing Empire Strikes Back as Coppin Stars

2018_05_18_Ealing_library_photo_lost_33%Bushy Park Girls CC took the early spoils last month against Ealing CC but it was the turn of the West London outfit to flex theirs muscles in this U15 MCA Girls League encounter. On a balmy sunny evening at Teddington CC (18/05/2018) BPG came up against a powerful Ealing side that included their county and U15 stars. Although Bushy Park Girls fought hard it was the Ealing empire that came away worthy winners.

Ealing won the toss and put Bushy Park Girls into bat. With a mix up in personnel, and several girls still in transit to the ground it was an evolving batting line up. Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha and Abigail Avery (11) opened, the latter starting with a brace of fours. Jess Low, Ruby Wilkinson and Priya Chana followed, trying to take the fight to Ealing. The performance of the evening belonged to Amy Coppin at No.5. Her swashbuckling style was unconventional but highly effective as she reached her highest BPG score ever. Coppin finished on 23 not out and was ably accompanied by a sprightly Simrat Khaira (7) and Eve Abbott (7*). With the blade of Coppin’s bat swishing through the air like Zorro’s sword Bushy Park Girls reached 82 for 6 in their 15 overs.

In reply Bushy Park Girls bowled well but it wasn’t quite enough against a determined and talented Ealing side. Low opened with an economical spell (2 overs/9 runs) alongside Paige Goodwin (2o/20r), who had to rush to the BPG rescue after helping out at NPL Allstars. Her sister Erin Goodwin (1o/12r) and Eve Abbott (2o/13r) had also responded to the late call and sacrificed their Friday nights to help their club side. Thank you girls, we value your dedication and unselfish attitude. Both Simrat Khaira (2o/10r) and Iris Saunders (2o/13r) continued their good bowling form from Tuesday night. D’Cunha was nimble behind the stumps, and there were several close run out appeals, including a successful one in the 3rd over. Captain Avery (1o/4r) rolled the dice one last time before Ealing reached 82 for 1 at the end of the 12th over.

Congratulations to Ealing on an excellent win with a very fine team. The U15 Middlesex title that Bushy Park Girls won last year should be safe in Ealing’s hands come the end of the season. Thank you to James and Bob for umpiring, to Sandeep for scoring, and to Lauren for looking after the girls.

Full BPG stats can be found HERE.

May Day County Cricket in Bushy Park

Middx_Yorks_Women_advert_2018_colour_3 copyOnce again there will be top class county cricket for supporters to enjoy this May in Bushy Park. In recent years Middlesex Women have hosted Somerset CC (2016) and Warwickshire CC (2017) in the Royal London Women’s One-Day Cup. This year they will be playing the feisty white roses from Yorkshire in the leafy surroundings of Teddington CC (Bushy Park) on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.

Women’s cricket is flourishing in Middlesex, England and around the World. As many of you will know England Women won the World Cup at Lords in 2017 and they are inspiring a generation of cricketers from local clubs like Bushy Park Girls CC and Richmond CC. Both Middlesex and Yorkshire include international players in their squads, and this is your chance to rub shoulders with some of the finest cricketers in the world.

The match starts at 11am (finish 5pm-ish) at Teddington Cricket Club, and it is free to watch, just come along. If you’re arriving by car then there is free parking in the Clapperstile Car Park (accessible from Queens Rd, Teddington). The bar will be open in the Teddington CC pavilion with food/cakes and refreshments able.

Whether you support Middlesex, Yorkshire or just love watching cricket on a summer’s day then come and join us on Monday 7th May.

Hampton Hill front runners in Division 3 title race

With just two games left of the Boys League season for Bushy Park Girls CC every match increases with anticipation and importance. Hampton Hill and BPG rest near the top of the MCA West U12 Division 3 table and the match last Thursday (29/06/2017) was a contest that both were desperate to win. As dusk descended on Bushy Park it was Hampton Hill who won the match due to a superb display of bowling and fielding that squeezed the life out of a plucky BPG side.

2017_06_29_vs_Hampton_Hill_loss_2a_33%Hampton Hill won the toss and chose to field, and by Jove they executed their game plan with purpose and precision. Bowlers kept to a tight line, swinging the ball and leaving the BPG batswomen with many a ‘play and miss’. There were still some gallant and hard fought performances from the Bushy Park Girls. Emma Sloan and Paige Goodwin opened the batting and look largely untroubled, accumulating 19 runs in 7 overs before Sloan was bowled for 14, a season’s high score. Goodwin followed in the 9th over with a dogged 5, all scored in singles. The powerhouse of the BPG innings was Abigail Avery (23*) who alongside Captain Ella Waldron (11) pushed the score to 42 in the 12th over before Waldron fell to a smart caught and bowled.

Jess Low smacked a quick-fire 8 and after she was out taking one too many risks the Hampton Hill bowlers crashed into the BPG middle order with Molly Bartlett and Evie Davies succumbing to some fine direct bowling. Both Georgia Dobson (4) and Isabel Jenner (2) sacrificed their wickets to run outs trying to reach a challenging team total. Leaving Eve Abbott (1*) and the ever reliable Abigail Avery to edge the final score to 81 for 8 in their 20 overs. You have to applaud Hampton Hill for their performance in the field, it was the finest bowling display that Bushy Park Girls has seen all season.

2017_06_29_vs_Hampton_Hill_loss_3a_50%Like their opponents Bushy Park Girls bowled well in reply but the swinging ball was proving difficult to control. It was a challenging time for wicketkeeper Molly Bartlett who adapted well as the HHCC innings progressed. Early skirmishes and chances didn’t go BPG’s way yet they gallantly plugged away. Jess Low (3-0-6-0) was as miserly as ever, and Ella Waldron was full of fire (3-0-16-1) taking the first Hampton Hill wicket in the 6th over of the match at the end of an aggressive spell. Abigail Avery (2-0-14-0) and Erin Goodwin (2-0-6-1) were first change bowlers with the Pocket Rocket once again bagging a wicket, her 17th of the season.

As Hampton Hill reached their 50 in the 11th over they seemed to be cruising but Bushy Park Girls fought back with wickets from their next four bowlers, showing the strength and depth in the side. This all-round increase in skill and competitiveness is largely due to the tireless work that Head Coach Dave Waldron (and Nick Attenborough) put in to training on Monday nights. Eve Abbott (2-0-16-1) was the first bowler to strike from this quartet, followed by a good catch from Erin Goodwin off the bowling of Evie Davies (1-0-9-1). It wasn’t long before Goodwin (E) was at it again, taking a catch from a Emma Sloan (2-0-8-1) delivery and finally Isabel Jenner (1-0-1-1) came to the party with a scudding over that bamboozled the Hampton Hill batsman and gained her a handy LBW. Unfortunately it was all in vain as Hampton Hill reached their target of 82 at the end of the 16th over.

Congratulations to Hampton Hill and good luck in your remaining fixture against Teddington Town next Friday. Thank you to Dave and Mark for umpiring, and Rob, Gavin, Sam, Ellie and Alban for scoring. Well done to all the girls, whatever happens in your last fixture against Ashford on Monday you have already exceeded all expectations in the Boys League.

Full BPG Stats HERE

Waldron’s Wonders vs Avery’s Legends

Ashford couldn’t take on the mighty Bushy Park Girls as they sadly couldn’t raise a side but that wasn’t going to stop the girls having fun on a beautifully sunny, but a little chilly, evening at Teddington CC. The battle this week pitted Waldron’s Wonders against Avery’s Legends.

2017_06_15_Wonders_vs_Legends_1a_50%Captain Ella lost the toss and was asked to bat. Molly and Kerri-Ann opened the innings and got their side off to a solid start against the tight bowling of Phoebe and Iris. The latter two combining to take a wicket (Caught Phoebe Bowled Iris) to leave the Wonders on 22 (net 17) after the first pair completed their 4 overs.

Enter Captain Ella and her trusty sidekick Paige to face the bowling of her rival captain Abi and her pocket rocket Erin. Time to up the ante.  Abi  (2-0-11-0) stormed in to try and unseat her rival but despite some false shots failed to take the prize wicket she wanted. Meanwhile Erin and Paige stared at each other like wizened gunslingers. Paige bludgeoning a 4 but then facing her very last ball Erin (2-0-16-1) delivered the fatal shot and took her middle stump. 51-2 (net 41) off 8 overs.

Into the fray came Imogen and Evie. They accumulated well against miserly bowling from Phoebe (finishing with 3-0-11-0), Iris (3-0-17-1) and Priya and Issy J. Picking up singles and the odd 4 and 2 they took the score to 69 (not 59) after 12 overs and making sure no further wickets were lost.

 Georgia and Mia took up the reins but found it hard work against Priya (3-1-15-1) and pocket rocket no 2 Rosie D (2-0-5-1) who kept a good line and length  and both picked up a wicket.  However they put their team in a position for a final onslaught.

In came Kate and Lizzie E back for a second go to make up the pair. They hit a few fine blows and picked up some singles against the bowling of Issy 1 and Issy 2. Issy J finishing with 3-0-10-0 and Issy H 2-0-10-0. The Wonders finished on a final total of 100 which less the 4 wickets lost left their opposition with a target of 81.

After a quick break the Legends strode to the crease led by Kerri-Ann and Erin. They both looked to score quickly and get their team off to a flying start. Paige opened the bowling eager to get on over her little sis. Ball one went for 5. Ball two for 4. But then Paige hit back to replicate her own dismissal and peg back Erin’s middle stump. Q joyous celebration and an angry looking pocket rocket who looked like she might be about to blast off.  The girls continued to throw caution to the wind and further runs came from the bowling but at a cost. Paige swung in another full, straight ball to her sister with the same result as before. More celebrations which earned her a punch in the stomach from little sis. It looked like it could be Javed Miandad v Dennis Lillee all over again (Girls ask your parents…..on second thoughts most of them are probably too young to remember!). At the other end Imogen bowled tightly (2-0-10-0) forcing a risky single which resulted in Kerri-Ann being run out from Lizzie’s direct hit. So after 4 overs 25 on the board but 3 wickets lost so net 10.

Time for more fireworks. Ella and Lizzie bowling to Abi and Phoebe. Battle lines were drawn. Ella’s first ball to Abi was short and at the body and hastily played. The third was short again but too wide and crashed to the boundary. Time for another stare out. The duel continued but, despite some minor victories including Kerri-Ann running out Abi as she tried one run too many (“Dad I was never out!!” Yes you were young lady), the battle was probably won by the batters as Ella finished with 2-0-17-0 and Lizzie 2-0-18-0. After 8 overs it was 61 (net 41) and ahead of the run rate.

Iris and Issy H were the next up but Evie Mayhew and Lizzie started to regain the upper hand bowling tight and straight and restricting the girls to mostly singles and the odd 4 and also Evie taking a wicket caught by Paige. After 12 overs it was 76 but net 51.

Priya and Issy J then came in to try and wrest back the initiative. But it was bit of a stalemate with no quarter given until Priya was runout by an alert Kerri-Ann as she tried to take a single off Mia’s bowling (2-0-10-0) and Issy tried one big shot too many and was caught and bowled by Kate. So with just 4 overs left the Legends had 91 but having lost 7 wickets they only had 56 and still need 25.

Enter Pocket rockets 1 (back for her second bat)and 2. Evie M bowled the first over and continued to impress with her line and length resulting in another wicket (3-0-9-2). Victory looked further away than ever. Kate bowled next (3-0-14-1). Erin swung and the ball flew low and hard and just evaded captain Ella. Two balls later same shot but closer. Ella clung on, let go, clung on and final let go. Erin fearing the worst watched from the middle of the wicket. Ella regaining composure threw at the stumps and missed by a whisker. By such fine margins games are won and lost. Georgia (3-0-20-0) came back to bowl but Rosie and Erin hit hard and ran like dervishes to leave them needing 6 from the last over. Back came Erin’s nemesis. Her sister Paige (3-0-18-2). Would she succumb again? Or lead her side to victory? Every ball was tight. The girls running for everything resulting in 3 singles and a bye. 2 to win off the last ball. One to tie. A swing. A miss. Rosie’s little legs a whirl as she sprinted from the non strikers end. Sliding her bat as the ball hits the stumps. Your author looked long and hard and was in need of a 4th umpire but the decision was not out and honours shared!

So a fantastic end to a very good workout for the girls. My thanks to Dave W and Ted for umpiring a half match each, Jack for scoring and everyone coming along to support. I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.

Batting scores were:

Molly       7            Kerri-ann   11
Lizzie       6            Erin             10
Ella          9             Abi              29
Paige     13           Phoebe        2
Imogen 12           Iris                6
Evie M    3            Issy H           0
Georgia  2            Priya            0
Mia         0             Issy J            5
Kate        7            Rosie           8
Lizzie      9           Erin            17
Total  100-4 (80)         120-8 (80)   

Full BPG Stats HERE

Strong and Stable U13 Bushy Park Girls

2017_06_09_vs_Ealing_win_2c_33%After a night of General Election ups and downs it was Bushy Park Girls who ended yesterday (09/06/2017) as the obvious strong and stable team to lead us into the coming months. Playing at home (Teddington CC) they entertained Ealing CC in a top of the table clash that saw Bushy Park Girls come out as comfortable winners in an enjoyable match.

Bushy Park Girls won the toss and chose to field. Jess Low opened the bowling with a maiden but it wasn’t long before the Ealing CC (and Middlesex CC) opener tore into the BPG attack. With a bold opening gambit the visitors had amassed 37 runs before the first wicket fell to BPG captain Abigail Avery (3 overs, 16 runs, 1 wicket). Emily Bryce who kept wicket exceptionally well for the home team engineered an intelligent stumping  from the bowling of Emma Bridge (3 overs, 11 runs, 1 wicket) in the 8th over. Imogen Higgins (4 overs, 1 maiden, 12 runs, 1 wicket) knocked back the Ealing advance with a wicket in the following over and thereafter the opposition found it hard to score runs. This was largely because of the quality of the bowling from Simrat Khaira, Lizzie Eakins, Emma Nunn and Kate Middleton. Once again Khaira caught the eye with a miserly 2 overs for 2 runs.

Bushy Park Girls’ reply was a largely untroubled affair, with openers Abigail Avery and Imogen Higgins eager to form a stable coalition. It was a fruitful partnership that only ended when Avery retired on 31 (Not Out). Emma Bridge was duly elected as her replacement and lasted until BPG were on 87 runs, just short of their target of 94. Emily Bryce sparked into action, hitting the winning runs with a magnificent four. Higgins carried her bat throughout the Bushy Park Girls batting innings, finishing on 20 (Not Out). A good win from Bushy Park Girls within 14 overs, and good marker for the rest of the campaign in MCA Girls U13 League. Well done to the 9 girls who played for Bushy Park Girls, and get well soon to those who couldn’t be there.

2017_06_09_vs_Ealing_win_33%Thank you to Ealing for a very enjoyable match in the Bushy Park sunshine. Thanks to Alban and Bruce for umpiring, and to Jim and Cormac for scoring. The next match in the Girls League will be a month away against Richmond (AWAY) on the 7th July 2017.

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Under 13s shine in first win of summer

2017_04_30_vs_Wembley_U13aThe opening match of the summer season against Wembley CC saw the Under 13 Bushy Park Girls’ secure a good win yesterday (30/04/2017). The start of a new season gives us the opportunity to see how our players have developed over the winter and it seems they have grown in stature and confidence in that time. Players like Ruby Wilkinson, Simrat Khaira, Kate Middleton, Evie Davies, Emily Bryce and Edie Proud are now the leading lights of the under 13 squad. It was also a chance to see two new players Lizzie Eakins, who has come up from the under 11s and Kerrie-Ann Dcunha (Captain/Wicketkeeper) who is new to the club.

Bushy Park Girls batted first with Dcunha (16* runs) and Middleton (19* runs) opening on the Teddington CC astro pitch. Both were untroubled in a partnership that safely saw BPG to 62 in their first 10 overs. After each was retired it was left to Edie Proud (12*) and Bryce to push forward. The innings was dramatically brought to a close by Wilkinson and Eakins who both hit fours in a eye catching final fling. Bushy Park Girls finished on 125 for 1 after 20 overs.

Wembley started their batting innings and were immediately put under pressure, Lizzie Eakins produced a tight and probing spell that yielded just 1 run in 3 overs (2 maidens). Simrat Khaira backed her up with a maiden of her own and with a miserly opening over from Evie Davies the opposition found it hard to get out of the blocks. This created the pressure for the impressive Edie Proud to swoop in for her first wicket of the season. With both Bryce and Davies running-out Wembley batters (off the bowling of Middleton) the lid was firmly kept on the West Londoners reply. Wembley played out their allotted 20 overs and finished on 64 for 3.

Congratulations to all the girls on a fabulous first win of the season. Thank you to Sandeep Khaira for managing the side and Phil Davies for scoring. We wish Wembley all the best in the season ahead.

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Training with Bushy Park Girls

2017_04_24_Dave_Waldron_small_group_33%Bushy Park Girls summer training started in the wind, rain and chill of Teddington Cricket Club last night. Thank you to more than 20 girls who braved the elements for a fantastic opening session. Under 13s start at 5pm and finish at 7pm, while the Under 15s train from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, but be aware during these early weeks training will finish earlier at sunset.

2017_04_24_Nick_Attenborough_small_group_33%The evening started with 30 minutes of fitness and agility work to brush away the Easter cobwebs under the supervision of  Support Coaches Lauren Avery and Bronnie Polley. Head Coach Dave Waldron then worked with the larger group of 15 girls on batting and bowling while Nick Attenborough took 6 girls aside to work on more technical aspects in the nets.

The Under 15s were a more select bunch but with the laughter ringing out it seems it was just as enjoyable.

For those yet to fill in their registration then follow these links –
Allstars (5-8 year olds / boys and girls)
Under 11 (School years 4, 5 and 6 / all girls)
Under 13 (School years 7 and 8 / all girls)
Under 15 (School years 9 and 10 / all girls)

Don’t forget to contact your age group managers will your match availability for the upcoming season too.

Under 11 training starts this Saturday 29th April at NPL Cricket Club at 9.30am – 11am.