The Mavericks and the Allstars

This year we have welcomed more girls than ever before into the Bushy Park Girls family and we are always on the look out for matches for them to play in. We have entered the competitive boys league, played our traditional foes in the girls league and organised friendlies against everyone else. The weather has washed out a few games and the dwindling numbers at other clubs has meant for the first time we’ve had to organise internal matches between the BPG girls.

The Maverick versus the Allstars series was born in the spring of 2016 and is now a firm favourite on the girls’ sporting calendar. Whether an Under 15 or a newcomer to cricket we tailor every game so that batswomen and bowlers face the appropriate opponent/challenge. It is an opportunity to express yourself, to develop what you have learnt in training and to experience those precious moments out in the ‘middle’. Each player bats in a pair (for 4 overs) and has a minimum of 2 overs to bowl.

The 2 previous Mavericks vs Allstars contest has yielded a win for each side and yesterday (07/07/2016) was another chance for them to go head-to-head. The final result and individual scores aren’t of the greatest importance but we’ve listed some of the stats below.

Ella Waldren – Bat:5 runs (out x2), Bowl: 21 runs (2 overs)
Abigail Avery – Bat:5 runs (not out), Bowl: 7 runs (2 overs)
Cerys Tudor Owen – Bat:7 runs (out x1), Bowl: 13 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Ruby Wilkinson – Bat: O runs (out x1), Bowl: 7 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Emily Bryce – Bat:8 runs (out x2), Bowl: 8 runs/ 2 wickets (2 overs)
Evie Davies – Bat:2 runs (out x1), Bowl: 9 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Edie Proud – Bat:4 runs (not out), Bowl: 8 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Emma Bridge – Bat:5 runs (not out), Bowl: 10 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Bronnie Polley – Bat:4 runs (out x1), Bowl: did not bowl
Amelie Munday – Bat:28 runs (not out), Bowl: 17 runs (2 overs)
Jessamy Low – Bat:11 runs (out x1), Bowl: 5 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Emma Sloan – Bat:6 runs (not out), Bowl: 5 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Erin Goodwin – Bat: 11 runs (out x2), Bowl: 10 runs/1 wicket (3 overs)
Imogen Higgins – Bat:1 run (out x1), Bowl: 5 runs/1 wicket (3 overs)
Issy Ryan – Bat:7 runs (out x1), Bowl:9 runs/1 wicket (2 overs)
Chiara Mildon – Bat:7 runs (out x2), Bowl:8 runs (2 overs)

Match result: Mavericks 68/7 and Allstars 87/8

The statistics only tell us a fraction of the story, this was a beautiful evening at Teddington CC with some great bowling, batting and fielding by the girls. A special mention must go to Chiara Mildon on her first game for Bushy Park Girls and to Ruby Wilkinson who was the only girl to bowl a Maiden over.

Thank you to Maverick Mark for scoring and Allstar Alban for umpiring alongside Awesome Andrea and Seraphic Suzy. Not forgetting Deft Dave who so brilliantly kept wicket for both innings.