BPG Covid risk assessment 2021

Outdoor Risk Assessment 2021 @ Teddington Cricket Club, Bushy Park Girls/Women

What are the hazards?Transmission of COVID-19
Who might be harmed?Facility users, staff, volunteers, visitors and the wider community
NoControls requiredAction Taken by the Club
Facility Capacities
 Have you determined the safe capacity of your field of play and grounds for both organised cricket activity and off-field activities (subject to the Rule of 6 or as a group made up of two households), accounting for social distancing, legal gathering size limits and supervision ratios where applicable?Playing field is sufficient size that social distancing can adequately take place following government and ECB guidelines
 Have you determined the safe capacity of your net practice facilities accounting for social distancing and legal gathering size limits?No ball sharing, in coaching sessions cones used to set social distancing requirements. 6 participants per net only
Organised activities
 Have you review playing guidance and make suitable adaptation to your approach to practice and matches?Share latest ECB guidance with all Age Group Managers, coaches and committee
 Have you reviewed supervision ratios and adapt group sizes for supervised children’s activities accordingly?  Have you ensured safeguarding procedures are being followed, even under COVID restrictions?Maximum group size is 30 and shall include one qualified coach per group plus additional adult(s) required to meet cricket safeguarding ratios (1:8 aged 8 and under, 1:10 aged 9 and over)  All groups are to be self sufficient.  Bubbles will not be changed once set.
 Have you assessed control measures for preventing spectators (with limited exceptions – see guidance?Parents should remain in the vicinity of the practice maintain safe distancing from the coaching group and other parents. Prior to April 12th 2021 spectators are not allowed to view training
People Management and Communication
 Establish what restrictions are in place for your venue location including restrictions on gathering size limits in line with the UK Government Roadmap and ensure your control measures are appropriate.Make sure all parents and coaches are aware of latest UK Government and ECB guidance
 Self-screening of individuals before they arrive at the venue to ensure individuals displaying COVID symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend.Remind parents by email and verbally that they and their children should not attend if they show any symptoms of Covid 19
 Ensure that NHS Test and Trace data collection system is in place and that it is compliant with Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.Keeping details of all participants and spectators on file for 21 days after match/training.  All AGMs to forward info to Safeguarding Officer
 Ensure that your NHS QR Code poster has been produced and displayed for use by visitors.QR code is available for spectator and players to use 
 An assessment of user numbers, space capacities, venue circulation and layout planning to maintain social distancing.Clubhouse is closed at this time. Club grounds allow adequate adherence to govt rules for maintaining social distancing. Movement of players for matches or training will be directed by coaches and managers to ensure social distancing maintained
 A plan for where parents and players will sit whilst watching cricket activities.Outline specific areas for officials, players/coaches and spectators i.e. mark areas with cones
 Signage and communication so that all participants and visitors (including spectators) are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.Players for matches and for training will be directed to the appropriate areas to ensure that all government guidelines are adhered to
 Staff and volunteer training to support the implementation of the plan, with suitable training records.Ensure all sent specific details for Match play and training
 Assess ventilation in your building (natural and mechanical) and take appropriate measures to maximise ventilation and minimise risk of transmission.Clubhouse is currently closed. Once open risk covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Assess the maximum occupancy of your rooms in order to ensure Social Distancing can be maintained, and establish a suitable circulation system / one-way system.  Use signage and floor markings to communicate this.Clubhouse is currently closed. Once open risk covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Assess the arrangement of seating areas to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk of transmission.Clubhouse is currently closed. Once open risk covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Consider your wet weather plans and describe what actions you will take to maintain social distancing in wet weather.In the event of wet weather training/matches cancelled and parents to take children home
Social and Hospitality Areas
 Have you ensured your social and hospitality areas will remain closed?Clubhouse is currently closed. Once open risk covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
Hygiene and Cleaning
 Develop an appropriate cleaning planEquipment to be cleaned as per ECB guidelines
 Materials, PPE and training that you have provided to your staff for effective cleaning.All coaches and AGMs made aware that they must keep  equipment and PPE adequately cleaned
 Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels and bin.Hand washing facilities available in Clubhouse toilets
 Provision of suitable hand sanitiser in locations around the facility to maintain frequent hand sanitisation.Hand sanitiser will be made available and players and those attending training advised to bring own hand sanitizer.
 Provision of suitable wipes and hand sanitiser on the field for Hygiene Breaks.AGMs to check before matches that sanitiser is available and used as per ECB guidelines  
 What are the hazards?Other venue hazards to be considered after temporary closure such as Legionnaire’s Disease, fire, electrical safety etc.
 Who might be harmed?Facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors
 Controls requiredAction Taken by the Club
Preparing Your Buildings
 Consider the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and carry out necessary work to make your water supply safe for users.  Refer to the specific guidance in the document above.Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Check that routine maintenance has not been missed and certification is up to date (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety and Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Safety, Lifts and Heating – Ventilation and Air Conditioning).Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Check that your ground is ready and safe to play.  Look at what work is required and how this can be done safely at a social distance.Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 What are the hazards?Vital first aid equipment is not available when needed.  First aiders do not have adequate PPE to carry out first aid when required.
 Who might be harmed?First aiders, facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors
 Controls requiredAction Taken by the Club
First Aid
 Check that your first aid kits are stocked and accessible during all activity. Check every Monday that basic PPE and gloves in all first aid kits. AGMs have access to first aid kits for use at matches and training
 What steps have you taken to improve your first aiders’ understanding of first aid provision under COVID?Coaches made aware of specific guidance provided by ECB
 If you have an AED then check that it is in working order, service is up to date and that it is available during all activity.Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 What are the hazards?Pitches or outfield are unsafe to play on
 Who might be harmed?Players, officials, ground staff
 Controls requiredAction Taken by the Club
Preparing your grounds
 Safety checks on machinery, sightscreens and covers.Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Check and repair of any damage to pitches and outfields.Covered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 Check and repair of any damage to practice facilities including netsCovered under Teddington CC risk assessment
 What are the hazards?Injury in car park, children 11 and under leaving without their parent or designated individual, cars locked in car park
 Who might be harmed?Children, visitors, facility users
 Controls requiredAction Taken by the Club
Arriving and Leaving Training
 Injury to participant from vehicle in car parkRemind children importance of paying attention when arriving/leaving.  First Aiders available.  Encourage walking, parking in external car parks
 Children 11 and under leaving training without their parent or designated individual deputed to collect the child.Coaches reminded to ensure children 11 and under do not leave and have contact details for parents
 Cars locked in car parkEnsure parents are reminded of the times that the gates are locked to avoid this situation arising.  Check with TCC
 What are the hazards?Accidents whilst training
 Who might be harmed?Participants
 Controls requiredAction Taken by the Club
Accidents whilst training/match play
 Batter hit by ballBatters must wear helmets, gloves, pads, thigh pads whenever facing hard balls
 Player hit by batEnsure appropriate space between activities
 Fielder or spectator hit by ballPay attention at all times.  Under 18’s must wear helmets if keeping wicket standing up.  Ensure spectators positioned in appropriate place.
 Collision between playersBe aware of play at all times.  First aiders available
 Hit by ball in netsGive instructions to all as to how to retrieve a ball from net to avoid.  Check netting before sessions.
 Hit by stray ballOrganise practicing groups to avoid ball being struck hard into another groups area.  Use soft balls when multiple groups training.  Move groups away from hard ball games.
 Injury due to excessive bowlingFollow ECB directives for U19’s maximum of 42 balls per session, 3 sessions per week
 Over exertionTraining should be appropriate to fitness of group.  Advise players to maintain fitness outside of sessions.
 Slipping or tripping overEnsure floor surfaces are dry enough for safe practice and game play.  Ensure participants are wearing correct footwear.

Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club is not responsible for the acts and/or omissions of parents and members when they are not in the ground, adjacent areas of the Club, or when they are travelling to or from any training session.

Revised: 03/04/2021

Signed: Mark Avery

Chair Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club

Code of conduct for members and guests

All Members and Guests of Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club will:

  • Follow the specific Covid 19 match guidelines and Covid 19 net guidelines
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the context of Cricket
  • Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief
  • Not condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed
  • Display high standards of behaviour at all times
  • Promote the positive aspects of Cricket e.g. fair play
  • Encourage all participants to learn the Laws and rules and play within them, respecting the decisions of match officials
  • Actively discourage unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials
  • Recognise good performance not just match results
  • Place the well-being and safety of young people above the development of performance
  • Ensure that activities are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual
  • Respect young people’s opinions when making decisions about their participation in Cricket
  • Not smoke, drink or use banned substances whilst actively working with young people in the Club.
  • Not provide children with alcohol when they are under the care of the Club
  • Follow ECB guidelines set out in the ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for SafeguardingChildren’ and any other relevant guidelines issued
  • Report any concerns in relation to a young person, following reporting procedures laid down by the ECB to

Jacqueline MacEacharn, Club Safeguarding Officer (CWO), jacqs@milliemac.co.uk, 07870 633 750

Mark Avery, Junior Chair, mavery100@hotmail.com, 07849 680 538

Or the Middlesex County Safeguarding Officer (Sharon Eyers at Sharon.eyers@middlesexccc.com or 07557 956 354

Photography and filming policy

Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club promotes the appropriate use of photography and filming of children participating in cricket, however, it’s important to be aware of the potential child protection and safeguarding issues that arise when people take photos or film children in relation to sporting activities. The potential for misuse of images can be reduced if we are all aware of the potential risks and dangers and put appropriate measures in place to reduce these risks.

Potential Risks:

  • children may be identifiable when a photograph is shared with personal information
  • direct and indirect risks to children and young people when photographs are shared on websites and in publications with personal information that may identify and locate the child
  • inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children
  • inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images

The following guiding principles from the ECB Photography and Video Camera Guidelines will be implemented by Bushy Park Girls

1. Photographs/images are not to be taken at matches or training without the prior permission of the parents/carers of the child. This permission can be given by proxy by the coach of each team only after parental consent for this has been granted. The coach will arrange this prior to attending matches.

2. If no consent has been given for a child on the player registration & consent form, then it is to be made known to the relevant person of the other team (e.g. Coach / Team manager) so that the appropriate person/s taking photos for the other team is aware and can avoid taking photos of that particular child.

3. The children should be informed that a person will be taking photographs.

4. The children should be informed that if they have concerns they can report these to the Coach or Team Manager.

5. Concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported to the Buhsy Park Girls Safeguarding Officer (Jacqueline MacEacharn) or your Age Group Manager and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection concern.

6. It is recommended that at cricket tournaments/festivals/events/competitions that a camera registration book is set up for adults to complete before taking photographs. 

The following guiding principles will be adopted for the publishing of images:

1. Ask for parental permission to use their child’s image and wherever possible show the image to the parents and child in advance. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image will be used to represent cricket and Middlesex.

2. Ask for the child’s permission to use their image. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image will be used to represent cricket and Bushy Park Girls.

3. If the player is named, avoid using their photograph. In cases where the player, parent / carers wish for the players name and photograph to be used, direct written consent will be required for each publication.

4. If the photograph is used, avoid naming the child. In cases where the player, parent / carers wish for the players name and photograph to be used, direct written consent will be required for each publication.

5. Don’t use player profiles with pictures and detailed personal information on websites. In cases where the player, parent / carers wish for the players name and photograph to be used, direct written consent will be required for each publication.

6. Don’t use an image for something other than that what it was initially intended and agreed.

7. Don’t allow images to be recorded in changing rooms, showers or toilets. This includes the use of mobile phones that record images.

8. Focus on the activity rather than the individual.

9. Only use images of children in appropriate kit (training or competition) to reduce the risk of inappropriate use, and to provide positive images of the children.

10. Aim to take pictures which represent the broad range of youngsters participating safely in cricket e.g. boys and girls, disabled people, ethnic minority communities.

11. Encourage the reporting of inappropriate use of images of children to Bushy Park Girls CC CWO/Director of Youth Cricket or County Welfare Officer and/or the ECB Child Protection Team.

Using video as a coaching aid:

Bushy Park Girls CC may use video equipment as a coaching aid as and when appropriate. Players and parents/carers may view the footage and know that the material taken in connection with coaching will be stored securely and will be deleted / destroyed upon requests, or when the material is no longer needed. Only coaches who are UKCC level 2 or above qualified are permitted to use video analysis when coaching on behalf of Bushy Park Girls CC or when coaching Bushy Park Girls CC juniors. 

All players and their parents / carers will be asked each year to either; accept and adhere to the above policy in their registration process or to not accept the policy to refuse any use of photography in their cricket while playing at Bushy Park Girls CC.

Jacqueline MacEacharn, Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) jacqs@milliemac.co.uk 07870 633 705

Mark Avery, Chair of BPG, mavery100@hotmail.com, 07849 680 538

Code of Conduct / Set of Rules for Young People

  • Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club (“the Club”) is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its members. The Club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the Club should, at all times, show respect, be encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the ClubA Junior Member is an individual under the age of eighteen and a member of the Club. A Parent is a Parent of a Junior Member.
  • As a Junior Member or a Parent you are expected to abide by the following Junior Club Code of Conduct as it applies appropriately to Junior Members and/or Parents of Junior Members. Parents are expected to set a good example as regards their own behaviour (and those accompanying them) for the benefit of Junior Members.
  • The Code:
  • This code of conduct applies to all matches played when representing the Club. It also applies to all training and practice sessions organised by the Club.
  • All Junior Members are expected to comply with the England and Wales Cricket Board code of conduct (see below) and that, by taking part in activities organised by the Club, you agree to comply with all reasonable instructions from team managers and/or captains and/or coaches;
  • To comply with all other reasonable instructions from other members and officers of the Club including, but not limited to, any directives and instructions which may be displayed from time to time on Club premises;
  • All members must play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions.
  • All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Junior Members and their Parents should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach or team manager if they are going to be late.
  • Junior Members must wear suitable kit – (this must include a helmet, box, gloves and pads when a hard ball is being used) for training and match sessions, as agreed with the coach/team manager.
  • Members must pay any fees for training or events promptly.
  • Junior Members are not allowed to consume or purchase alcohol or drugs of any kind on the Club premises or whilst representing the Club.
  • Junior Members are not allowed to smoke on Club premises or whilst representing the Club.

Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action being taken in accordance with the Club’s disciplinary procedures.

England and Wales Cricket Board’s Code of Conduct

(Note: In junior cricket, team captains can be deputised by team managers)

The ECB is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct.  The Code of Conduct incorporates the Spirit of Cricket as set out below.  It applies to all matches played under the auspices of the ECB and may be applied to cricket in general.

Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the Spirit of Cricket as well as within the Laws.

Players and Team Officials must at all times accept the umpire’s decision.  Players must not show dissent at the Umpire’s decision or react in a provocative or disapproving manner towards an Umpire at any time.

Players and Team Officials shall not intimidate, assault or attempt to intimidate or assault an Umpire, another player or a Spectator.

Players and Team Officials shall not use crude and/or abusive language (known as “sledging”) nor make offensive gestures or hand signals nor deliberately distract an opponent.

Players and Team Officials shall not make racially abusive comments nor indulge in racially abusive actions against fellow players, officials, members and supporters.  Clubs must operate an active open door membership policy whilst respecting player qualification regulations and welcome players/members irrespective of ethnic origin.

Players and Team Officials shall not use or in any way be concerned in the use or distribution of illegal drugs.

Clubs must take adequate steps to ensure the good behaviour of their members and supporters towards players and Umpires.

Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws, but also within the Spirit of the Game.  Any action, which is seen to abuse this spirit, causes injury to the game itself.  The major responsibility for ensuring the spirit of fair play rests with the Captains.

Players’ Conduct

In the event that any player failing to comply with the instructions of the Umpire, criticising his decision by word or action, or showing dissent, or generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the Umpire concerned shall in the first place report the matter to the other Umpire and to the player’s Captain requesting the latter to take action.

Fair and Unfair Play

According to the Laws, the Umpires are the sole judges of Fair and Unfair play.  The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the Captain to take action when required.  The umpires are authorised to intervene in the cases of: time wasting, damaging the pitch, tampering with the ball, or any action that they consider to be unfair.

Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game involves respect for your opponents, your own captain and team, the role of the umpires and the game’s traditional values.  It is against the Spirit of the Game to – (a) dispute an umpire’s decision by word, action or gesture; (b) direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire; (c) seek to distract an opponent either verbally or with persistent clapping or unnecessary noise under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of one’s own side.


There is no place for any act of violence on the field of play.


Captains and Umpires together set the tone for the conduct of a cricket match and every player is expected to make an important contribution to this.


November 2019

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club – Safeguarding Policy Statement

Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club (The Club) is committed to ensuring all Children (i.e all persons under the age of 18 ) participating in cricket have a safe and positive experience.

We do this by:

1) Putting things in place

2) Having the Right People in Place  

3) What do you do if you have a concern?

4) Cricket Specific Guidance

1.)       Putting things in place

We recognising all children participating in cricket (regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability) have the right to have fun and be protected from harm in a safe environment.

We will ensure individuals working within cricket at, or for, our club provide a welcoming, safe, and fun experience for children.

We will provide an environment where the views of children, parents and volunteers are sought and welcomed on a range of issues. This will help us create an environment where people have the opportunity to voice any concerns (about possible suspected child abuse/neglect, and/or about poor practice) to the Club Safeguarding Officer. *

We will adopt and implement the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) “Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children”.

We will ensure all individuals working within cricket at, or for, the club are recruited and appointed in accordance with ECB guidelines and relevant legislation.

* Details of the County Safeguarding Officer will be made available in case the Club Safeguarding Officer is unavailable, or the concern relates to the Club Safeguarding Officer.

2) Having the Right People in Place

Appointing a Club Safeguarding Officer and ensuring they attend training modules required by the ECB,

Our Club Safeguarding Officer’s details are below –

Name – Jacqueline MacEacharn

Email address – jacqsmac49@gmail.com

Phone Number – 07870 633 705

Middlesex County Safeguarding Officer – Sharon Eyers (sharon.eyers@middlesexccc.com) 07557 956 354

Safeguarding Welfare Officers Role

As the first point of contact for parents, children and volunteers/staff within the club – As a local source of procedural advice for the club, its committee and members.  

As the main point of contact within the club for the ECB County Welfare Officer and the ECB Safeguarding Team.

As the main point of contact within the club for relevant external agencies in connection with child safeguarding. Ensuring correct and comprehensive reporting procedures exist for raising and managing child safeguarding concerns.

3) What do you do if you have a concern?

Make contact with your Club Safeguarding Officer who will guide you, ensuring all suspicions, concerns and allegations are taken seriously and dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

We will ensure that access to confidential information relating to child safeguarding matters, is restricted to those who need to know, in order to safeguard children – including the Club Welfare Officer and the appropriate external authorities, such as the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), as specified within ECB child safeguarding procedures.

4) Cricket Specific Advice

We will ensure all individuals working within cricket at, or for, the club are provided with support, through education and training, so they are aware of, and can adhere to, good practice and the Code of Conduct guidelines defined by the ECB, and the club.

We will ensure all people who work in cricket at, or for, our club (such as staff, officials, volunteers, team managers, coaches and so on) understand how the “Safe Hands Policy” applies to them.

Date Completed – 9th June 2020

Completed By –  Jacqueline MacEacharn

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Bushy Park Girls Cricket Club, in all its activities, is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity in cricket, and to ensuring that its employees, members and all other individuals working or volunteering for Bushy Park Girls, and participating in or watching Bushy Park Girl’s activities are treated fairly and are able to conduct their activities free from discrimination, harassment or intimidation.

  • Bushy Park Girls, in all its activities will not discriminate, or in any way treat anyone less favourably against on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, parental or marital status, pregnancy, religion or belief or sexual orientation.
  • Bushy Park Girls will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of individuals
  • Bushy Park Girls will endeavour to create access and opportunities for all those individuals who wish to participate, and are lawfully eligible to participate, in its activities.
  • Bushy Park Girls will ensure that it complies with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees, members and volunteers adhere to these requirements and this policy.
  • This policy is fully supported by the Bushy Park Girl’s officers and [management committee] who are responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Bushy Park Girls is committed to the investigation of any claims when brought to its attention, of discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of an individual, and reserves the right to impose such sanction as it considers appropriate and proportionate, where such is found to be the case.

  • In the event that any employee, member, volunteer, participant or spectator feels that they have suffered discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation, they should report the matter in writing to a member of the committee of Bushy Park Girls.
  • Any such report should include: details of what occurred; when and where the occurrence took place; any witness details and copies of any witness statements.
  • If the accused individual is a non-employee, the committee:
  • may decide (at its sole discretion) to uphold or dismiss the complaint without holding a hearing;
  • may (at its sole discretion) hold a hearing at which both parties will be entitled to attend and present their case;
  • will have the power to impose any one or more of the following sanctions on any person found to be in breach of any policy: (a) warn as to future conduct; (b) suspend from membership; (c) remove from membership; (d) exclude a non-member from the facility, either temporarily or permanently; and (e) turn down a non-member’s current and/or future membership application; and
  • will provide both parties with written reasons for its decision.
  • A party may appeal a decision of the committee to the relevant County Cricket Board by writing to the relevant County Cricket Board within 3 months of Bushy Park Girl’s decision being notified to that party.
  • If the nature of the complaint is with regard to the committee of the Bushy Park Girls, the complainant may report the complaint directly to the relevant County Cricket Board.

This policy will be reviewed periodically by the Bushy Park Girls in consultation with the England and Wales Cricket Board Limited.

Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Guests

All Parents / Carers and Guests will:

▪ Follow the specific COVID-19 match guidance and COVID-19 net guidance

▪ Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the context of cricket.

▪ Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief.

▪ Not condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed.

▪ Display high standards of behaviour at all times.

▪ Promote the positive aspects of cricket, e.g. Spirt of Cricket & fair play.

▪ Encourage all participants to learn the rules, play within them and respect the decisions of match officials.

▪ Actively discourage unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials.

▪ Recognise good performance; not just match results.

▪ Encourage player development through implicit learning, embracing the role that failure can play in a players self-awareness, skill acquisition and decision making

▪ Place the wellbeing and safety of young people above the development of performance.

▪ Ensure the activities are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual.

▪ Respect young people’s opinions when making decisions about their participation in cricket.

▪ Sit away from the players when requested by coaching staff during matches.

▪ Not smoke, drink or use banned substances whilst actively working with young people

▪ Not to smoke in the vicinity of players, drink excessive alcohol or use banned substances whilst supporting.

▪ Not provide young people with alcohol, nicotine or banned substances when they are engaged in Middlesex Cricket activities.

▪ Follow ECB guidelines set out in “Safe Hands – Cricket’s policy for Safeguarding Children” and any other relevant guidelines issued.

Report any concerns in relation to a young person to:

Jacqueline MacEacharn: jacqsmac49@gmail.com Tel. 07870 633705

Or the Middlesex County Safeguarding Officer (Sharon Eyers at Sharon.eyers@middlesexccc.com or 07557 956354)

Bushy Park Girls Anti-Bullying Policy

Statement of intent

We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our children so they can train, and play, in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our club. If bullying does occur, all children should be able to tell, and know, incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We are a TELLING club. This means anyone who knows bullying is happening is expected to tell someone who can do something about it.

What is bullying?

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim.

Bullying can take many forms :

•           Emotional: being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting (for example: hiding kit, or making threatening gestures)

•           Physical: pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence

•           Racist: racial taunts, graffiti and/or gestures

•           Sexual: unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments

•           Homophobic: because of, or focusing on, the issue of sexuality

•           Verbal: name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours and teasing

•           Cyber: bullying behaviour online or via electronic communication (email and text, social media etc) Misuse of associated technology, such as camera and video facilities

Why is it important to respond to bullying?

Bullying hurts. No one should be a victim of bullying. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Children who are bullying also need to learn different ways of behaving.

Cricket clubs have a responsibility to respond promptly, and effectively, to issues of bullying. Objectives of this policy

•           All adults and children at the club should have an understanding of what bullying is

•           All officials, coaching and non-coaching staff should know what the club policy is on bullying, and follow it when bullying is reported

•           All children and parents should know what the club policy is on bullying, and what they should do if bullying arises

•           As a club, we take bullying seriously. Children and parents should be assured they will be supported when bullying is reported

•           Bullying will not be tolerated

In cases of adults reported to be bullying cricketers under 18, the ECB must always be informed 

Signs and symptoms

A child may indicate, by signs or behaviour, that he or she is being bullied. Adults should be aware of signs and investigate if a child:

•           Says they are being bullied

•           Changes their usual routine

•           Is unwilling to go to the club

•           Becomes withdrawn anxious, or lacking in confidence

•           Comes home with clothes torn or belongings damaged

•           Has possessions which are damaged or go missing

•           Asks for money or starts stealing money

(to pay the bully)

•           Has unexplained cuts or bruises

•           Is frightened to say what’s wrong

•           Gives improbable excuses for any of the above

In more extreme cases, the child:

•           Starts stammering

•           Cries themselves to sleep at night or has nightmares

•           Becomes aggressive, disruptive or unreasonable

•           Is bullying other children or siblings

•           Stops eating

•           Attempts or threatens suicide or runs away

These signs and behaviours could indicate other problems, but bullying is a possibility and should be investigated.


•           Report bullying incidents in the first instance to the team manager, coach, colts manager or another adult you can trust. The incident should also be reported to the Club Safeguarding Officer, Jacqueline MacEacharn

•           In cases of serious bullying, the incidents will be reported to the ECB Safeguarding Team for advice via the County Welfare Officer

•           Parents should be informed and invited to a meeting to discuss the problem

•           If necessary, and appropriate, police should be consulted – for example if there has been assault, harrassment or theft.  The bullying behaviour or threats of bullying must be investigated and the bullying stopped quickly

•           An attempt will be made to help the bully (bullies) change their behaviour

In cases of adults reported to be bullying cricketers under 18, the ECB must always be informed


  • The club will have a written code of conduct, which includes what is acceptable and proper behaviour for all members of which the anti-bullying policy is one part.
  • All club members and parents will sign to accept the code of conduct upon joining the club.
  • The Club Safeguarding Officer will raise awareness about bullying and why it matters, and if issues of bullying arise in the club, will consider meeting with members to discuss the issue openly and constructively.

Results and Match reports

2020 season

The 2020 cricket season was a long time coming, after the virus lockdown banned recreational cricket for much of the summer. When it was allowed to restart, Bushy Park Girls were ready to go!

28 July 2020 – Hampton Hill U14B vs BPG U16

Score – BPG 149/3; Hampton Hill 153/2 – Hampton Hill win

Molly Bartlett scores first 50 of 2020 season

In a fixture that is always closely fought and anticipated, BPG were put straight in to bat and, after an unfortunate early wicket for captain P Goodwin, the partnership of M Bartlett and E Abbott got down to business. The boundaries just kept coming, with Bartlett  eventually succumbing with an outstanding 56 runs from 60 balls and Abbott with 25 off 40 balls. Next in to bat were E Goodwin and honorary BPG player T Bryce making his second appearance, and between them they continued the momentum. E Goodwin eventually scored 17 off 14 balls and T Bryce 18 off 10 balls in a masterclass of a pairing that was a delight to watch. With a strong target set of 150, BPG were confident but also acutely aware that with two players short, the oppo would maximise on the gaps in the field. And that is exactly what they did unfortunately.

Although the bowling was disciplined and the girls worked hard in the field, particularly L Armstong, E Bryce, P Goodwin and A Apte, wickets from M Bush and M Bartlett were not enough and the oppo eventually took victory in the 19th over with a stunning 70-run knock from one of their openers.

Always a good, close match and one the spectators love to watch, but ultimately a shortage of players made the difference this time around. The girls (and one boy) can be proud of the way they executed themselves though and there was some outstanding cricket on show.

– – – – – – – –

 27 July 2020 – Richmond U14 vs BPG U14

Score -BPG 89/6; Richmond 90/3 – Richmond win

With all fingers crossed that the rain would stay away, BPG U14s travelled to Richmond with some new players making their debut for the team. Always a tough fixture, this one was no different with BPG electing to bat first. Although the opening batters did a good initial job, it fell to the middle order to make gains, with captain E Goodwin retiring on 30 from 30 balls and M Bush scoring an impressive 18 off 19 balls. But with a target of 90 set, the girls would need to be strong and focussed in the field. An early flurry of wickets for E Goodwin, A Apte and C Dexter were unfortunately not enough to keep the oppo at bay, but the girls can be proud of their tenacity and spirit during the game. Notable in the field were B Ellis, E Jones, V Sleight, L Armstrong and L Sexton, with B Sheridan proving a safe pair of hands in her spell as wicket keeper.

Better luck next time, girls!

– – – – – – – –

Saturday 25 July

Bushy Park Girls U10s vs Sheen U10s. BPG’s first U10s match!

Pairs cricket rules

Score: Sheen 305, BPG 226


– – – – – – – – 

Thursday 23 July

U14s in MCA U12s Boys league: BPG vs. Teddington B

Score: Teddington 177 for 8, BPG 56 all out


– – – – – – – – 

21 July 2020 – Hounslow & Whitton U14B vs BPG U16

Score – BPG 83/0; Hounslow 80/7 – BPG win

In the first match of the shortened season, the girls were giddy with excitement as they took to the field to bowl first. With a player short, honorary BPG sibling T Bryce stepped in as trusty wicket keeper. Some fantastic spells meant that the girls came away with 7 wickets, particularly from J Jordan (2 overs; 14 runs; 2 wickets), I Higgins (3 overs; 13 runs; 2 wickets), P Goodwin (2 overs; 7 runs; 2 wickets) and R Davis (2 overs; 3 runs; 1 wicket). The team was also very tight and disciplined in the field, with notable skills on show from M Bush, E Bryce, E Mayhew and E Abbott. The oppo set a target of 81 and it fell to captain P Goodwin and younger sibling E Goodwin to open the batting. Both batted confidently, with neither wanting to fall first. In the end, they both carried their bats with final quotas of 39 from 38 balls for E Goodwin and 29 off 39 balls for P Goodwin.

A great start to the season!

– – – – – – – –

Monday 20 July – U14 MCA Girls league: Ealing vs Bushy Park Girls

Score to follow



Pre-2020 season

BPG’s first day-night game

Dawn to dusk

Its not just a cricket bat and some gloves you need when you play for Bushy Park Girls these days. You best be armed with at least a wooden stake and some garlic and after Tuesday night’s game against Ealing  I will be popping down to Teddington Sports to see if they can’t get some made with our very own logo.

Yes, Tuesday was another first for BPG when we played our first day night game. I will warn you that subscriptions may need to increase significantly next year as we found that phone torches were really not an adequate replacement for good old fashioned floodlights.

Anyway, back to events on the pitch. The sun was out when most of the BPG team rocked up about 5pm at the Teddington clubhouse for a 5.30 start. Unfortunately, the clubhouse was shut and there was no sign of the oppo. With Sunset due at 8.15 this wasn’t ideal.

We only had 10 on paper but Jacqs sporting a fetching new look of two sets of glasses (normal glasses with sunglasses over the top which I am sure will be all the fashion soon) was somehow persuaded to don a BPG green top. I personally thought it really complemented the glasses look. So we had 11. Or did we? As a quick count up revealed no sign of KJ. A text and a phone call ensued but no reply and we still don’t know where she is! We can only hope the oppo didn’t get to her first.

Anyway by 5.20 the clubhouse had fortunately open, stumps were up and the scoreboard ready. However, only a few Ealing players had arrived. James was on his way with others but apparently his flight from Transylvania had been delayed.

With the sun about to disappear behind the trees a figure was spotted with others trailing behind carefully keeping to the shadows to avoid the last of the sun’s rays. Sadly one of their number was not so careful so that by the time they reached the clubhouse they only had a 10. A flash of light and small pile of ashes on the outfield the only visible remains of their 11th player.

This was going to be a good toss to win. We lost and were in the field.

So, what to say of the Ealing innings? We started very promisingly. Erin and Evie opened the bowling and we got a run out early as the batter forgot to ground her bat as Molly took the ball from Paiges’ throw and whipped off the bails. The non striker had almost run 2 by then but the other opener hadn’t completed the 1st run!

In Evie’s second over the other opener went for a shot too many and hit a steepler to Molly who took the catch. 21-2. Maybe we would finish before the bats started flying and something evil lurked from the dark. Perhaps it would be a Thriller.  Sadly, it was a no to both of these. Erin, Evie, Paige, Simrat, Abi and Millie searched desperately to put a stake through the heart of the Ealing batting but the ball flew in all directions. Jacqs displayed some lovely footwork in the field putting Ronaldo to shame, Kate got solidly behind the ball which kept coming her way and Dawn noticeably improved her fielding when her daughters were bowling in fear of retribution. But despite all their efforts, a few bruises and a broken nail the Ealing bloodsuckers racked up a formidable 153-2 off their 20 overs.

At about 7.30, with the sun slowly sinking below the horizon the BPG reply began. Molly and Paige got us off to a good start and helped by some extras took us to 35 off 5 overs before Molly tried one ambitious shot too many and fell to a catch. Abi came to the wicket in the gathering gloom intent on trying to seize the initiative. Runs flowed freely as the sun completely disappeared and darkness started to shroud the ground. With 70 up after 10 overs the BPG team and supporters, tightly gripping their silver crosses had a glimmer of hope. But darkness is the vampire’s best friend. Abi lost the ball in the background and was bowled. Millie strode to the wicket swinging her wooden stake to intimidate the opposition. Regrettably the stakes behind her were immediately shattered as she took a swing at what she thought was the ball but was actually Mars. Evie left the haven of light in the clubhouse to try her best but Ealing sensed blood and 2 balls later Evie went the way of Millie although this time it was Venus to blame. As a BBC film crew set up nearby to broadcast the latest edition of the Sky at Night Erin our very own pocket rocket took up the mantle. Sadly, it was all too brief as she too succumbed.

dusk to dawn

20.23 and 12 overs in

Paige continued to bat serenely repelling the beasts as they edged closer. Simrat joined her in a brief stand before Paige was hunted down and run out. By this time it was proper dark. Ealing decided it would be good idea to change their wicket keeper half way through an over. Top idea.  As phone lights went on to help the scorers there was only one person who could save us. No it wasn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar but our very own vampire slayer. Dawn. Fear glinted in the eyes of the Ealing players. Simrat and Dawn took the attack to the opposition. Runs started to flow again although it was difficult to see where the ball had gone. The score crept over the 100 but just as we thought we might all be saved Dawn took one risk too many and Ealing pounced. There was still time for Kate (at least I think it was Kate but I couldn’t really see) to face 2 balls and scamper a run but the innings ended on 107 – 7 after 20 overs. The match ending in what was really complete darkness!

In what seemed like seconds the Ealing team dispersed into the night. Led away by the heartless Count as they took to the wing. I re-entered the clubhouse, my eyes tried to accustom to the light and I thought for a second I had entered a bar with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino but it turned out just to be Ted and Ben. Ted shook his head “Did they look like psychos? Is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them” (if you haven’t seen the film worth a watch but not one for the younger members!).

My thanks to Ealing and to James (no offence taken I hope 😊). Many thanks to Ben for risking his life and umpiring (was that a trickle of blood I saw on your neck?), to Jacqs for agreeing to play at the last minute avec glasses and Ted for trying to sort me out a bigger option for scoring! Onwards and upwards.

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood

U15 Close Out Season on a High


It was another gloriously sunny evening as the BPG U15 team took to the pitch for their final fixture in the U13B league. The last time the girls faced Hampton Wick, extras were the winner (see previous match reports), but the boys looked to have made a few personnel changes since then and the new-look team meant business.

With captain Paige Goodwin losing the toss, the girls were sent into the field, but rumour has it that would’ve been the decision anyway. There’s nothing more exciting than a run chase, as anyone who watched yesterday’s thrilling World Cup final knows, and the girls were keen to limit the batsmen from the start.

Levels of excitement among the spectators were high too when it was discovered that the clubhouse was serving Pimms on tap. Your scorer may have had a few herself, so some of the details of the match may be a little fuzzy from this point on.

Paige called on younger sibling Erin Goodwin (3 overs/12 runs) to bowl the first over alongside Emily Bryce (3 overs/11 runs/1 wicket) and between the two of them, there was little on the scoreboard after the first two overs. Emily saw an early break when her bowling resulted in the no 2 batsman barrelling the ball into the safe hands of expert fielder Jess Low in her first over, followed shortly afterwards by a run-out of the no 3 batsman, again at the hands of fielding supremo JLow. However, their opener stayed where he was and would prove tricky to shift.

The second bowling change fell to Molly Bartlett (2 overs/6 runs) and Paige (2 overs/10 runs). Although usually seen squatting behind the stumps as wicketkeeper, Molly B proved quite a force with the ball too. Both girls kept things tight and the run total under control.

And still the opener remained….

Abi Avery (2 overs/19 runs) and Simrat Khaira (2 overs/5 runs) both unleashed the ball at him, but to no avail. Amy Coppin was unlucky to be tagged a few times in her over before reliable bowlers Imogen Higgins (3 overs/28 runs/1 wicket) and Rosie Davis (2 overs/7 runs) were called on to have a go. Finally, with the overs counting down and the opener still in situ, Erin and Imogen were called upon again, with Higgins finally getting the opener out caught and bowled, but not before he had accumulated a total of 73 runs.

With a target of 120 runs to chase, JLow and Kerrie-Ann D’Cunha were sent in to make an early dent in the total. However, with Hampton Wick choosing to put their faith in the opening batsman when it came to opening the bowling too, both Kerrie-Ann and JLow were sent back to the clubhouse early into the innings. If only they were both old enough to drink, then they could’ve ordered a Pimms and sat back with the rest of us to enjoy the remainder of the match.

Bryce and Coppin were next to the crease. Brycie managed to accumulate 11 runs off 15 balls, including two impressive boundaries, before being given LBW off the opener’s bowling again. He was proving to be a bit of a thorn in the side. Amy stood her ground and valiantly blocked some of the fast-paced balls, but it was starting to look ike a lack of runs on the board mught be our undoing.

It would fall to Molly to settle things down and start accumulating a few runs. With Imogen at the other end of the crease to Molly, it looked like we would start to get somewhere as both are known as big hitters, but alas it was not to be. A similar fate met Simrat as she fell victim to a miscommunicated runout. This wasn’t looking good from the sidelines.

However, with a batting order almost as deep as that of England, there was no need for the ripple of panic filtering through the spectators. The fall of Simrat’s wicket brought another big hitter in Erin G to the crease and she immediately set to the task at hand. Reminiscent of Stokes and Buttler, Bartlett and Goodwin unleashed a torrent of boundaries, stole more than a few cheeky runs and had the spectators ooh-ing and aah-ing as the runs began to accumulate. Even Hampton Wick bringing back their devilishly fast, one-man-show opening bowler did nothing to slow down the Bartlett and Goodwin double act.

By the 18thover, the total was reached, the game won and the Pimms glasses drained. Molly scored her first half century of the BPG season in superb style and ended the game on 55 not out from 52 balls, while Erin ended on 19 runs not out after only 12 balls.

And so, as the sun set over the pitch, the U15s ended their season on a high. It has been another fabulous season in this league, with many highs and some fantastic cricket on offer. If only there had been less rain! As always, thank you to Duncan for umpiring and the parents for supporting the girls, helping with setting up and dismantling the pitch, and delivering Pimms to the scorers.

For many of the girls, this will have been their last league game as an U15, but with Bushy Park Women now up and running, this is not the last we have seen of them. It has been a very entertaining season and well done to each and every one of the girls. You’ve done yourselves proud as always and in true BPG spirit.

If only the cricket season was longer (and the Pimms glasses deeper)…..