1 run win for Under 15s at Ealing CC

2017_06_19_Ealing_win_3a_33%After some car lift jiggery pokery somewhat to the manager’s surprise 11 BPG turned up at a sun drenched Ealing ground on Monday to play an eagerly awaited crunch match against our friends and rivals. After some relaxing in the shade and consuming tea/dinner the girls were well fuelled for the coming match. Captain Lauren won the toss and chose to bat hoping the team could build a big score.

However things didn’t get off to the best of starts as we lost a wicket 2nd ball and then another in the 3rd over, to opposition captain Hannah, to leave us on 7-2. Visions of the friendly match earlier in the season, against the same opponents, which saw us 14-7 crossed everyone minds.

In at 4 was the captain’s younger sister Abi. We could only hope there would be fewer disagreements than at home!  A few balls later that notion went out the window. Abi not sure where the ball had gone (a few feet next to her!) called for a suicide run. Big sis Lauren says “No!” Little sis calls “Yes!”. “No!” from the other end again. By this time Abi is in no mans land. Turning to go back as the wicket keeper tries 3 times to pick the ball up finally manages it, throws at the stumps from 2 yards and misses!! By such fine margins games are won or lost.
Fortunately the pair put this little setback behind them and consolidated taking the score to 47 at the drinks break of 10 overs. After the break they pushed the score along with a mix of 4s and singles until Lauren had to retire on reaching 30. This brought in Millie Mac who confidently hit her first ball to the boundary. Together they accelerated until Abi to had to retire on 30. Emma came in but soon after was undone by one of those balls you sometimes get at Ealing that shoot along the ground. Unfortunately this one was straight! Looking for the big shot Millie Mac also succumbed LBW and it was left to Ella and Pubudika to bat the last 2/3 overs and take the team to the final score of 110-4. Challenging but somehow did not feel quite enough unless we bowled and fielded well.

Ella (4-1-18-1)and Pubudika (4-0-17-0) opened the bowling for BPG and kept things tight for the first 2 overs. Ella’ second over was a liquorice allsorts affair but most importantly she bowled a cracking ball to dismiss the dangerous Ealing captain Hannah.   Abi (4-0-23-1) replaced Ella to bowl the other opener. Cerys (3-0-20-1) forced the other U15 county player into giving a sharp catch to Lauren and then Abi ran out the Middlx U13 WK pinging the ball into Amelie who did the honours with the gloves. At the other end Ealing’s number 3 Sofia continued to find the gaps and despite giving a chance ended up retiring when she reached 30. At the halfway mark we had taken 4 wickets but more worryingly the score was 66 and they only required another 45.

2017_06_19_U11_vs_ealing_1b_50%After the break Millie (2-0-10-2), Phoebe(3-0-8-1) and Ella put a bit of a break on the Ealing scoring helped by tighter fielding and Glady (in her first league game for BPG), Priya and Pubudika patrolling the boundaries. Wickets fell. Run outs for Lauren and Cerys. Another catch for Lauren off Phoebe’s bowling. Millie’s tight bowling picking up 2 wickets at the other end. However this meant Ealing were 9 wickets down allowing the dangerous Sofia back to the crease. With 3 overs left they needed 16.

These last overs were entrusted to Pubudika and Abi . Pubudika’s first was right on the money and conceded only 3 runs. 12 off 2.  Abi’s first 4 balls were on the spot but after taking a fierce drive from Sophia on the ankle a 4 came off the 5th ball. 8 were needed off the last over and the tension was high.  Dot ball but then a 4 as Sophia turned the ball behind square. Another dot ball and then a single. Sophia off strike and 3 needed. Dot ball and 3 needed off the last ball. Nearly all the fielders were on the boundary as the ball was run down between point and third man. They ran one and turned for 2 as Abi raced off the boundary and threw to Amelie who triumphantly broke the stumps with their last player 2 yards short.  Q mass celebration and your umpire and reporters blood pressure finally returned to something close to normal!

Well done to Sophia from Ealing who finished the match with an excellent 41 not out and almost took her side to victory. Congratulations though to all the girls. Everyone played their part and contributed to an excellent win and a great game which will long be remembered. One league match to go putting us in a strong position to win the West area league.

Thanks to Jacqs and Bob for mastering the scoring and James Grigg and Ealing who, as usual, were excellent hosts and provided a tight and competitive game.

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