Waldron’s Wonders vs Avery’s Legends

Ashford couldn’t take on the mighty Bushy Park Girls as they sadly couldn’t raise a side but that wasn’t going to stop the girls having fun on a beautifully sunny, but a little chilly, evening at Teddington CC. The battle this week pitted Waldron’s Wonders against Avery’s Legends.

2017_06_15_Wonders_vs_Legends_1a_50%Captain Ella lost the toss and was asked to bat. Molly and Kerri-Ann opened the innings and got their side off to a solid start against the tight bowling of Phoebe and Iris. The latter two combining to take a wicket (Caught Phoebe Bowled Iris) to leave the Wonders on 22 (net 17) after the first pair completed their 4 overs.

Enter Captain Ella and her trusty sidekick Paige to face the bowling of her rival captain Abi and her pocket rocket Erin. Time to up the ante.  Abi  (2-0-11-0) stormed in to try and unseat her rival but despite some false shots failed to take the prize wicket she wanted. Meanwhile Erin and Paige stared at each other like wizened gunslingers. Paige bludgeoning a 4 but then facing her very last ball Erin (2-0-16-1) delivered the fatal shot and took her middle stump. 51-2 (net 41) off 8 overs.

Into the fray came Imogen and Evie. They accumulated well against miserly bowling from Phoebe (finishing with 3-0-11-0), Iris (3-0-17-1) and Priya and Issy J. Picking up singles and the odd 4 and 2 they took the score to 69 (not 59) after 12 overs and making sure no further wickets were lost.

 Georgia and Mia took up the reins but found it hard work against Priya (3-1-15-1) and pocket rocket no 2 Rosie D (2-0-5-1) who kept a good line and length  and both picked up a wicket.  However they put their team in a position for a final onslaught.

In came Kate and Lizzie E back for a second go to make up the pair. They hit a few fine blows and picked up some singles against the bowling of Issy 1 and Issy 2. Issy J finishing with 3-0-10-0 and Issy H 2-0-10-0. The Wonders finished on a final total of 100 which less the 4 wickets lost left their opposition with a target of 81.

After a quick break the Legends strode to the crease led by Kerri-Ann and Erin. They both looked to score quickly and get their team off to a flying start. Paige opened the bowling eager to get on over her little sis. Ball one went for 5. Ball two for 4. But then Paige hit back to replicate her own dismissal and peg back Erin’s middle stump. Q joyous celebration and an angry looking pocket rocket who looked like she might be about to blast off.  The girls continued to throw caution to the wind and further runs came from the bowling but at a cost. Paige swung in another full, straight ball to her sister with the same result as before. More celebrations which earned her a punch in the stomach from little sis. It looked like it could be Javed Miandad v Dennis Lillee all over again (Girls ask your parents…..on second thoughts most of them are probably too young to remember!). At the other end Imogen bowled tightly (2-0-10-0) forcing a risky single which resulted in Kerri-Ann being run out from Lizzie’s direct hit. So after 4 overs 25 on the board but 3 wickets lost so net 10.

Time for more fireworks. Ella and Lizzie bowling to Abi and Phoebe. Battle lines were drawn. Ella’s first ball to Abi was short and at the body and hastily played. The third was short again but too wide and crashed to the boundary. Time for another stare out. The duel continued but, despite some minor victories including Kerri-Ann running out Abi as she tried one run too many (“Dad I was never out!!” Yes you were young lady), the battle was probably won by the batters as Ella finished with 2-0-17-0 and Lizzie 2-0-18-0. After 8 overs it was 61 (net 41) and ahead of the run rate.

Iris and Issy H were the next up but Evie Mayhew and Lizzie started to regain the upper hand bowling tight and straight and restricting the girls to mostly singles and the odd 4 and also Evie taking a wicket caught by Paige. After 12 overs it was 76 but net 51.

Priya and Issy J then came in to try and wrest back the initiative. But it was bit of a stalemate with no quarter given until Priya was runout by an alert Kerri-Ann as she tried to take a single off Mia’s bowling (2-0-10-0) and Issy tried one big shot too many and was caught and bowled by Kate. So with just 4 overs left the Legends had 91 but having lost 7 wickets they only had 56 and still need 25.

Enter Pocket rockets 1 (back for her second bat)and 2. Evie M bowled the first over and continued to impress with her line and length resulting in another wicket (3-0-9-2). Victory looked further away than ever. Kate bowled next (3-0-14-1). Erin swung and the ball flew low and hard and just evaded captain Ella. Two balls later same shot but closer. Ella clung on, let go, clung on and final let go. Erin fearing the worst watched from the middle of the wicket. Ella regaining composure threw at the stumps and missed by a whisker. By such fine margins games are won and lost. Georgia (3-0-20-0) came back to bowl but Rosie and Erin hit hard and ran like dervishes to leave them needing 6 from the last over. Back came Erin’s nemesis. Her sister Paige (3-0-18-2). Would she succumb again? Or lead her side to victory? Every ball was tight. The girls running for everything resulting in 3 singles and a bye. 2 to win off the last ball. One to tie. A swing. A miss. Rosie’s little legs a whirl as she sprinted from the non strikers end. Sliding her bat as the ball hits the stumps. Your author looked long and hard and was in need of a 4th umpire but the decision was not out and honours shared!

So a fantastic end to a very good workout for the girls. My thanks to Dave W and Ted for umpiring a half match each, Jack for scoring and everyone coming along to support. I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.

Batting scores were:

Molly       7            Kerri-ann   11
Lizzie       6            Erin             10
Ella          9             Abi              29
Paige     13           Phoebe        2
Imogen 12           Iris                6
Evie M    3            Issy H           0
Georgia  2            Priya            0
Mia         0             Issy J            5
Kate        7            Rosie           8
Lizzie      9           Erin            17
Total  100-4 (80)         120-8 (80)   

Full BPG Stats HERE

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