First BPG Mavericks match of 2017

2017_05_22_Mavericks_1_50%Throughout the summer season we organise inter-club matches to introduce the girls to that unique feeling of being in a competitive match. Yesterday we took 18 of our Under 13 girls, split them into pairs and sent them out into battle. Each pair batted for 4 overs and each girl bowled at least 2 overs. Well done to all the girls who took part, some fantastic performances which you will be able to build upon in the future.

Edie Proud batted with strength and purpose (4 Not Out). Bowling was the second most economical in the whole match (2 overs, 3 runs).
Tilly Peppiat, a debut performance from our newest player (0 Not Out) and a first wicket for this handy bowler (2 overs, 7 runs, 1 wicket).
Ruby Wilkinson shows why she is proving both competitive in the girls and boys league this year. There was a cracking four in her innings (6 runs) and a fast spell of bowling (2 overs, 8 runs).
Georgia Dobson was the highest scorer in this Mavericks game (12 Not Out) and got a debut wicket for the Under 13s, finishing with the best bowling figures too (2 overs, 5 runs, 1 wicket).
Isabel Jenner was the most economical bowler, including a maiden in her second over (2 overs, 1 maiden, 1 run) and second highest scorer (9 Not Out).
Kate Middleton fresh from her high score against Wembley CC again batted well (8 Not Out) and with her unorthodox style also bowled well without reward (2 overs, 6 runs).
Emma Nunn after being frustrated by some tight bowling while batting (0 Not Out) returned as a compact and intense bowler, and her second over would have been a maiden apart from one wayward wide (2 overs, 7 runs).
Amy Banner is a recent recruit and this was a first match for her, when the ball was hit it was hit HARD (2 runs), and as a first bowling performance it was very creditable (2 overs, 8 runs).
This was a good match for Alice Harvey, she hit a four in her batting innings (6 runs) and got a fine wicket from the first ball she bowled (2 overs, 7 runs, 1 wicket).
Not to be left out of the party, Allegra Maberry bowled a maiden in her spell (2 overs, 4 runs) and scored 3 runs (Not Out) batting.
Mia Lancaster supressed the nerves of a debut match to record steady figures, batting ( 1 Not Out) and bowling (2 overs, 9 runs).
Ella Carran has had a good indoor season with her school team but it was pleasure to see her out in the summer sunshine of Bushy Park, she batted without losing her wicket (2 not out) but it was her bowling which caught the eye (2 overs, 4 runs) with its economical line and length.
Since Kerrie-Ann Dcunha has come to the club she has cemented her place alongside Molly Bartlett as a match-play wicketkeeper. Again she played that role well behind the stumps (batting 3 Not Out).
Amy Coppin’s enthusiasm for the game of cricket cannot be denied and she doubled her wicket tally for the season with an extended bowling spell and a wicket (3 overs, 12 runs, 1 wicket). Batting (2 Not Out).
A wicket from her first ball announced Chiara Mildon to this Mavericks game and she also bowled an extra over in her spell (3 overs, 21 runs, 1 wicket). Batting (2 runs).
I think everyone is delighted to see the development of Simrat Khaira this season, famous in the Under 11s for her stalwart defence she has now turned herself into a more attacking force, hitting a four in a punchy innings (7 runs). Bowling (2 overs, 16 runs).
Iris Saunders chalked up a debut wicket this season at the recent boy’s match vs Teddington Town and once again she bowled a very tight economical line (2 overs, 4 runs). Batting (1 Not Out).
Isabel Hurcom opened the bowling and was the last batswoman out in the middle, despite being her debut she acquitted herself well with solid bowling figures (2 overs, 6runs) and a cameo batting performance (3 Not Out).

2017_05_22_Mavericks_2_50%Thank you to Dave and Mark for umpiring, to Lauren for coaching in the field and Alban for scoring.

BPG Stats are HERE



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