Well, we didn’t see that coming…

Ealing v BPG

With an ominous grey sky and the threat of rain hanging over us, BPG U11s travelled to Ealing this week for the return fixture against our toughest league competitors. There was more than just rain in the air. The girls were particularly spirited – perhaps a result of travelling en masse in the Goodwin Van of Awesomeness.

As it was to be her last match for BPG, Alice had the honour of captaining the girls in what we expected to be a tough fixture (with Eve as her vice-captain). Alice won the toss and BPG went in to bat. However, a heady mix of giddiness with the bat and strong bowling meant that most of BPG’s runs came from extras and not off the bat, with some risky run-taking resulting in more wickets falling than necessary and BPG setting a target of 263 – easily achievable for a team like Ealing.

After a half-time pep talk, the girls took to the field as the drizzle began and it was up to our seasoned openers, Erin and Eve, to set a precedent for the innings. And what an innings it was! The bowling was accurate, the fielding tight and the wickets fell as fast as the rain, with Isabel (1), Beth (1), Hope (1), Libby (2), Ruby (3) and Erin (3) all making the bails fly. It was a close innings that could’ve gone either way, but the girls switched on and eventually secured a 14 run win, showing great team spirit and tenacity.

Well played to the whole team and special mention goes to Ruby, Beth, Hope and Isabel for their focused fielding and bowling. As always, our gratitude has to go to Frank for umpiring and Ted (and his trainee, Paige) for scoring. And our very best wishes to Alice as she leaves the BPG fold. You’re welcome back any time and we’ll miss you!

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