Like Brother and Sister

With the demise of British Airways CC from the U13 boys league this season we were left without an opponent and a pitch for last night’s away game (02/04/2016). Luckily as in all good families you can rely on your siblings to help you in your hour of need. Here at Bushy Park Girls we have a close relationship with all our associate clubs (inc. Hampton Wick Royal, Hampton Hill, Teddington Town) and it was our U13 host club Teddington CC that provided us with the pitch and the U11 NPL Cricket Club team who kindly occupied the opposition changing room.

2016_06_02_BPG_vs_NPLU11With half term taking its toll on the numbers of players the match resulted in an 8-a-side pairs game of 20 overs apiece. NPL Captain Milan Gurjral won the toss and chose to bat on this breezy and inclement evening, and it took opening bowlers Jess Low and Emma Bridge a little time to warm up. Once both had found their rhythm it was Low who struck with a brace of wickets. Bushy Park Girls found life easier thereafter with Captain Millie MacEacharn and Vice-captain Pubudika Punchihewa bowling well, with a rattle of the stumps for Punchihewa.

We often express our pride at the team ethic and spirit at BPG (and NPL CC too) and this night was no exception, both Captain and Vice-captain marshalled their troops well and gave their younger charges the opportunity to shine. Edie Proud and Priya Chana bowled 2 good overs each before a double strike by Hannah Mitchell stopped the momentum of the plundering NPLCC boys. Paige Goodwin (2 wickets) is proving to be one of the ‘finds’ of the season, with her hard work over the winter she has developed into one of those cricketers you can throw the ball (or bat) to in any situation. Thank you to Punchihewa and Low for stepping in to keep wicket at short notice.

In response NPLCC boys bowled accurately and with purpose, and despite a fine opening partnership from MacEacharn and Punchihewa the other pairs found it hard work to shift the ball off the square. In fact all the girls lost their wicket at least once except Proud who was resolute in the middle order.

The cricket match was all merely a side show of course. Not only was this a fight between cricketing siblings but also a head-to-head between brother and sister Amar and Priya Chana. The intensity of the battle brought out the best in both sides (and siblings) and it was ultimately Amar’s team who took the laurels, winning by 30 runs. Congratulations to the U11 NPLCC boys and thank you to our umpires Min and David, and scorers Natalie and Jacqs.





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