Away Win at Wembley

The FA cup final, an England game, the Summertime Ball?. No it was bigger and far more important than any of those. Hail, sleet and snow were banished to Jack Frost’s artic home as Bushy Park Girls U13s arrived at Wembley for their first league game of the season within sight of the iconic stadium arch. The sun shone bright as spring had finally arrived. “When proud-pied April, dress’d in all his trim,  Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing” (Bonus points to all girls who can identify the writer! I will be testing you next match J)

Wembley were missing some players so put the spirited youth of BPG into bat and quickly made a breakthrough when Paige got a good one in the first over. An early stutter but Wembley hopes of a shock were quickly banished as Molly and Abi set about their bowling putting on close to 80 in just 8 overs. Emily and Evie replaced them as they retired to take a well earned rest and Emily continued in the same vein as she soon cracked the ball to the boundary

Wembley chopped and changed their bowling with some success but the runs continued to flow as our girls stole runs and with the final overs approaching Jess and Martha punished the attack to push our total up to a formidable 140.

The Wembley openers faced up to the opening bowling of Martha and Paige as the sun rose higher and warmer in the sky. Their bowling was fierce and accurate .Martha striking twice leaving them just 5-2 after 4 overs. Iris replaced them and soon prompted an edge that was competently snaffled by captain Jess behind the stumps.

BPGu13_vs_Wembley_1_05_2016The Wembley girls were reeling and the BPG bowlers tightened the screw as accurate bowling from Emma S and Emma B and then Priya, Evie and Molly pushed them further behind the required rate. Then a double strike by Emily!  First bowling the Wembley opener and then enticing an edge for Jess, making her wicket keeping debut, to take a fine catch behind the stumps. Abi finished proceedings by bowling their last player and the game was over. BPG win by 112 runs. 2 wins out of 2 for our girls and the first league win of the season!

It was an excellent performance from all the girls and a really good start to the season. Thank you to Ben for umpiring, Alban for scoring and to all the girls who took their turn helping field for our opposition. Lastly it was great to see so many supporters cheering the girls from the sidelines. Let us hope the weather stays as fair and fine for the rest of the summer.


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